October 19, 2018

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Webpack quick project creation GUI tool that guide you throught all the options. Created for those who don’t like spend time for project configuration (something like codepen)

repo name linuxenko/unstuck-webpack
repo link https://github.com/linuxenko/unstuck-webpack
homepage https://stuck.js.org
language JavaScript
size (curr.) 4398 kB
stars (curr.) 631
created 2016-04-26
license MIT License

Unstuck-Webpack (Online)

Webpack based projects configurator

  • Predefined templates support for:
    • Angular1
    • Angular2
    • React
    • Vuejs
    • Nodejs
  • HTML preprocessors
  • CSS preprocessors and options
  • General project build settings
  • Many more


Configure and save project files (.zip). Extract them and run npm install.


  • Versioning support.
  • Notification about linter configuration
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