September 24, 2019

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Open Source Messenger App For Android - Real-time Messaging, Voice and Video Calls

repo name mesibo/messenger-app-android
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language Java
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created 2019-01-22
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Mesibo Messenger for Android

Mesibo Messenger is an open-source app with real-time messaging, voice and video call features. This repo contains the source code for Mesibo Messenger App for Android. The GitHub repository for iOS version is here.

Note: We are working on a new version which can be found here. This beta allows complete customization of Messaging, audio and video calling UI.


  • One-on-one messaging and Group chat
  • High quality voice and video calling
  • Rich messaging (text, picture, video, audio, other files)
  • Encryption
  • Location sharing
  • Message status and typing indicators
  • Online status (presence) and real-time profile update
  • Push notifications

Latest versions are also available through Google Play Store and Apple App Store :

Downloading the Source Code

If you have git installed, this is a recommended approach as you can quickly sync and stay up to date with the latest version. This is also a preferred way of downloading the code if you decide to contribute to the project.

To download, open a terminal and issue following commands:

$ mkdir Messenger
$ cd Messenger
$ git clone

Download the code as a zip file

You can also download the complete Android Messenger source code as a zip file. Although simple, the downsize of this approach is that you will have to download the complete source code everytime it is updated on the repository.

Stay Up-to-date

Whatever approach you take to download the code, it is important to stay up-to-date with the latest changes, new features, fixes etc. Ensure to Star(*) the project on GitHub to get notified whenever the source code is updated.

Build and Run

Before we dive into building and running a fully featured Messenger for Android, ensure that you’ve read the following.

  • Latest Android Studio Installed
  • An Android Device

Building the code is as simple as:

  1. Launch Android Studio
  2. Open the project from the folder where you have downloaded the code using menu File -> Open
  3. Build using menu Build -> Rebuild Project
  4. It may take a while to build the project for the first time.
  5. Once the build is over, run on the device using menu Run -> Run (app)
  6. That’s it, you should see the welcome screen like below.

Login using your phone number. You can even start using the app you’ve just built to communicate with your family and friends.

Key SDKs user in this project

These apps use following Mesibo SDKs.

  • Mesibo SDK
  • Mesibo Messaging UI Module
  • Mesibo Call UI Module

These apps also use following third party libraries/services.


The backend code is here

Documentation & Tutorials

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