November 30, 2019

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Data Science Repo and blog for John Hopkins Coursera Courses. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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Data Science Specialization | John Hopkins Coursera

Author: Michael Galarnyk

Just started on Course 6 Statistical Inference (as of 5/12/2017). All the coursework is aggregated into one repo.


Course Number Course Link to Repo Blog
6 Statistical Inference Course Repo Coming Soon
5 Reproducible Research Course Repo Blog
4 Exploratory Data Analysis Course Repo Blog
3 Getting and Cleaning Data Course Repo Blog
2 R Programming Course Repo Blog
1 The Data Scientist’s Toolbox Course Repo Blog


Github Username Profile Page Youtube Channel
mGalarnyk Github Profile Michael Galarnyk
randerson112358 Github Profile Randerson112358
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Anyone may contribute after each assignment is turned in and graded. Feel free to submit a pull request.

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