February 28, 2020

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Coronavirus tracker app for iOS & macOS with maps & charts

repo name MhdHejazi/CoronaTracker
repo link https://github.com/MhdHejazi/CoronaTracker
homepage https://samabox.com/CoronaTracker/
language Swift
size (curr.) 472 kB
stars (curr.) 399
created 2020-03-07
license GNU General Public License v3.0

Corona Tracker

Coronavirus tracker app for iOS & macOS with map & charts.

iOS macOS Swift image


  • Live data: Shows the most recent data, and updates automatically.
  • Distribution map with two levels of details:
    • Countries: When the user zooms out. Fewer details and reduced clutter.
    • Cities: When the user zooms in. More details.
  • Red color scale: Reflects the number of confirmed cases. In addition to increasing circle size.
  • Statistics: Including the number of confirmed, recovered, and deaths, in addition to percents.
  • Current state chart for all countries (and cities).
  • Timeline chart for all countries (and cities).
  • Top affected countries chart with info about every country.
    • Option for using a logarithmic scale.
  • iPad support (portrait & landscape).
  • macOS support.
  • Works on old devices that still run iOS 10.

How to Use

  1. Clone/Download the repo.
  2. Open Corona.xcodeproj in Xcode.
  3. Choose the right target (iOS or macOS).
  4. Build & run!

Or download the latest release for macOS.


Please feel free to contribute pull requests or create issues for bugs and feature requests.


The app is available for personal/non-commercial use. It’s not allowed to publish, distribute, or use the app in a commercial way.


Mhd Hejazi (contact@samabox.com)



Data is provided by JHU CSSE (https://github.com/CSSEGISandData/COVID-19).


  • CSV.swift: For parsing the CSV data file.
  • Charts: Beautiful and powerful charts.
  • FloatingPanel: For the bottom sheet.
  • Disk: Simplifies loading/saving files.
  • PKHUD: For the activity indicator.
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