March 25, 2020

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This repository contains generic information about open-source ventilator applications.

repo name mhollfelder/openvent
repo link
size (curr.) 1075 kB
stars (curr.) 13
created 2020-03-18
license MIT License

The Open Vent project

Folder structure

┣ design/           # Overall design files like pictures, etc.
┣ documentation/    # Documentation of the whole project
┣ mechanic/         # All files related to the mechanical design
┣ software/         # All files related to the software
┣        # The license file here
┗         # This README document

Project description

This repository contains generic information about an open-source ventilator project.

Current status

Right now, a prototype is in development with a bag valve mask, a 3D printed fixture and a motor.

Development flow

We have a Slack channel for exchange on the overall development and exchange on the project itself. Moreover, we use GitHub projects to track the process, requirements, etc.

If you want to contribute, please open an issue, create a pull request or ping us at


Core team

The core team which started this project:

Similar projects

Here, we will add a list of similar projects which are worth being checked out.

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