September 5, 2019

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links to conference publications in graph-based deep learning

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Graph-based deep learning literature

The repository contains links to

in graph-based deep learning. The links to conference publications are arranged in the reverse chronological order of conference dates from the conferences below. Please click on a year below beside a conference name to see publications of the conference in that year.

Top 10 most cited publications

  1. Semi-Supervised Classification with Graph Convolutional Networks

  2. Convolutional Neural Networks on Graphs with Fast Localized Spectral Filtering

  3. Inductive Representation Learning on Large Graphs

  4. Spectral Networks and Locally Connected Networks on Graphs

  5. Convolutional Networks on Graphs for Learning Molecular Fingerprints

  6. Graph Attention Networks

  7. The Graph Neural Network Model

  8. Neural Message Passing for Quantum Chemistry

  9. Gated Graph Sequence Neural Networks

  10. Learning Convolutional Neural Networks for Graphs

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