November 12, 2018

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A protocol for secure client/server connections over UDP

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language C
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created 2016-12-29
license BSD 3-Clause “New” or “Revised” License

Travis Build Status is a connection-oriented protocol built on top of UDP.

It’s designed for use in client/server games with dedicated servers.

It has the following security features:

  • Protection against man-in-the-middle attacks.
  • Protection against DDoS amplification attacks.
  • Protection against packet replay attacks.
  • Protection against zombie clients. has been used in several AAA game projects and is stable and mature.

How does it work?

Please refer to the second half of this whitepaper: Why can’t I send UDP packets from a browser?

For a complete technical specification, read the netcode 1.02 standard.

Source Code

This repository holds the implementation of in C.

Other repositories include:


These people are awesome:

Thanks for your contributions to!


The author of this library is Glenn Fiedler.

Glenn wrote an article series about the development of this library called Building a Game Network Protocol.

Other open source libraries by the same author include: yojimbo and

Sponsors was generously sponsored by:

And by individual supporters on Patreon. Thank you. You made this possible!


BSD 3-Clause license.

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