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Curated list of Machine Learning, NLP, Vision, Recommender Systems Project Ideas

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Awesome Deep Learning Project Ideas


A curated list of practical deep learning and machine learning project ideas

  • 30+ ideas
  • Relevant to both the academia and industry
  • Ranges from beginner friendly to research projects


  • Text - With some topics about Natural language processing

  • Forecasting - Most of the topics in this section is about Time Series and similar forecasting challenges

  • Recommendation Systems

  • Vision - With topics about image and video processing

  • Covid19 - Multi or Single Domain ideas from the Covid19 theme

  • Music and Audio - These topics are about combining ideas from language and audio to understand music

  • Conclusion


  • Bing Coronavirus

    • Classify Bing Queries as either specific (e.g. about a specific location) or generic. You might have to figure out a more exact definition of specific or generic though
    • Dataset: BingCoronavirusQuerySet
  • Covid Clinical Data

    • Rank and sort high risk patients using clinical data. Pick an interpretable approach if you can.
    • Dataset: CovidClinicalData

If you haven’t already, checkout Kaggle’s Covid19 Section as well. It has datasets and ideas both.


Natural Language Understanding

  • Automated essay grading

    • The purpose of this project is to implement and train machine learning algorithms to automatically assess and grade essay responses.
    • Dataset: Essays with human graded scores
  • Sentence to Sentence semantic similarity

    • Can you identify question pairs that have the same intent or meaning?
    • Dataset: Quora question pairs with similar questions marked
  • Fight online abuse

  • Open Domain question answering

  • Social Chat/Conversational Bots

  • Automatic text summarization

    • Can you create a summary with the major points of the original document?
    • Abstractive (write your own summary) and Extractive (select pieces of text from original) are two popular approaches
    • Dataset: CNN and DailyMail News Pieces by Google DeepMind
  • Copy-cat Bot

Check mlm/blog for some hints.


  • Univariate Time Series Forecasting

  • Multi-variate Time Series Forecasting

    • How polluted will your town’s air be? Pollution Level Forecasting
    • Dataset: Air Quality dataset
  • Demand/load forecasting

  • Predict Blood Donation

    • We’re interested in predicting if a blood donor will donate within a given time window.
    • More on the problem statement at Driven Data.
    • Dataset: UCI ML Datasets Repo

Recommendation systems

  • Movie Recommender

    • Can you predict the rating a user will give on a movie?
    • Do this using the movies that user has rated in the past, as well as the ratings similar users have given similar movies.
    • Dataset: Netflix Prize and MovieLens Datasets
  • Search + Recommendation System

    • Predict which Xbox game a visitor will be most interested in based on their search query
    • Dataset: BestBuy
  • Can you predict Influencers in the Social Network?

    • How can you predict social influencers?
    • Dataset: PeerIndex


  • Image classification

  • Bone X-Ray dompetition

    • Can you identify if a hand is broken from a X-ray radiographs automatically with better than human performance?
    • Stanford’s Bone XRay Deep Learning Competition with MURA Dataset
  • Image Captioning

    • Can you caption/explain the photo a way human would?
    • Dataset: MS COCO
  • Image Segmentation/Object Detection

  • Large-Scale Video Understanding

    • Can you produce the best video tag predictions?
    • Dataset: YouTube 8M
  • Video Summarization

  • Style Transfer

    • Can you recompose images in the style of other images?
    • Dataset: fzliu on GitHub shared target and source images with results
  • Chest XRay

    • Can you detect if someone is sick from their chest XRay? Or guess their radiology report?
    • Dataset: MIMIC-CXR at Physionet
  • Face Recognition

  • Clinical Diagnostics: Image Identification, classification & segmentation

    • Can you help build an open source software for lung cancer detection to help radiologists?
    • Link: Concept to clinic challenge on DrivenData
  • Satellite Imagery Processing for Socioeconomic Analysis

    • Can you estimate the standard of living or energy consumption of a place from night time satellite imagery?
    • Reference for Project details: Stanford Poverty Estimation Project
  • Satellite Imagery Processing for Automated Tagging

    • Can you automatically tag satellite images with human features such as buildings, roads, waterways and so on?
    • Help free the manual effort in tagging satellite imagery: Kaggle Dataset by DSTL, UK


  • Music/Audio Recommendation Systems

  • Music Genre recognition using neural networks

    • Can you identify the musical genre using their spectrograms or other sound information?
    • Datasets: FMA or GTZAN on Keras
    • Get started with Librosa for feature extraction


  • Can I use the ideas here for my thesis? Yes, totally! I’d love to know how it went.

  • Do you have any advice before I start my project? Advice for Short Term Machine Learning Projects by Tim R. is a pretty good starting point!

  • Would you like to share my solution/code to a problem here? Sure - why not?

    Go to the GitHub issues tab in this repository and let me know there.

  • How can I add my ideas here? Just send a pull request and we’ll discuss?

  • Hey, something is wrong here! Yikes, I am sorry. Please tell me by raising a GitHub issue.

    I’ll fix it as soon as possible.


Problems are motivated by the ones shared at:


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