June 4, 2019

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Pluggable multi-threaded framework with inventory management to help operate collections of devices

repo name nornir-automation/nornir
repo link https://github.com/nornir-automation/nornir
homepage https://nornir.readthedocs.io/
language Python
size (curr.) 12515 kB
stars (curr.) 523
created 2016-12-16
license Apache License 2.0

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Nornir is a pure Python automation framework intented to be used directly from Python. While most automation frameworks use their own Domain Specific Language (DSL) which you use to describe what you want to have done, Nornir lets you control everything from Python.

One of the benefits we want to highlight with this approach is the ease of troubleshooting, if something goes wrong you can just use your existing debug tools directly from Python (just add a line of import pdb & pdb.set_trace() and you’re good to go). Doing the same using a DSL can be quite time consuming.

What Nornir brings to the table is that it takes care of dealing with your inventory and manages the job of dispatching the tasks you want to run against your nodes and devices. The framework provides a very simple way to write plugins if you aren’t happy with the ones we ship. Of course if you have written a plugin you think can be useful to others, please send us your code and test cases as a pull request.


Please note that Nornir requires Python 3.6.2 or higher. Install Nornir with pip.

pip install nornir

Development version

If you want to clone the repo and install it from there you will need to use poetry.


Read the Nornir documentation online or review it’s code here


You can find some examples and already made tools here

External Resources

Below you can find links to talks, blog posts, podcasts and other resources:

Bugs & New features

If you think you have bug or would like to request a new feature, please register a GitHub account and open an issue.

Contact & Support

While we are happy to help, the GitHub issues are intended for bugs and discussions about new features. If are struggling to get something to work you have two options:

  1. You can go to our discourse community and see if your problem has already been discussed there or post it if it hasn’t.
  2. You can also head to our #nornir channel in the networktoCode Slack team.

Contributing to Nornir

If you want to help the project, the Contribution Guidelines is the best place to start.

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