November 3, 2019

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View any GraphQL schema as a dynamic and interactive graph.

repo name Novvum/graphql-birdseye
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language TypeScript
size (curr.) 11158 kB
stars (curr.) 608
created 2018-12-09
license MIT License

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Birdseye is an interactive tool that dynamically displays GraphQL schemas. It helps teams visualize and understand the nodes and connections within their schema. Birdseye was built using jointJS and makes for a lightweight addition to any web project.

Try the React component on CodeSandbox: Edit graphql-birdseye-demo


  1. Graphical view of any GraphQL schema
  2. Ability to click on a field or type to view its connections
  3. Dynamic zooming to focus on small portions of the schema at a time
  4. Add to any web project
  5. Customizable styling and theming

Getting Started

You can add Birdseye to your project as either a Javascript library or as a React package. Get started by reading the docs for each method:


Birdseye was inspired by GraphQL Voyager and the Apis-guru team. We found that Voyager would add 1.2 MB to our projects, which was too big for us. This motivated us to create Birdseye, which has a bundle size of less than 200 KB. Birdseye is open source and free to use and explore.


We have plans to keep improving Birdseye. Here’s what is next:

  1. Add Union and Interface type support
  2. Improve performance for larger schemas
  3. Option to toggle zoom navigation style
  4. Smoother UI transitions and interactions


This is an open source project. To learn how to contribute, please check out our contributing guide.


MIT © Novvum

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