November 4, 2021

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Open Standard for Metadata. A Single place to Discover, Collaborate and Get your data right.

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What is OpenMetadata?

OpenMetadata is an Open Standard for Metadata. A Single place to Discover, Collaborate, and Get your data right.

OpenMetadata includes the following:

  • Metadata schemas - defines core abstractions and vocabulary for metadata with schemas for Types, Entities, Relationships between entities. This is the foundation of the Open Metadata Standard.

  • Metadata store - stores metadata graph that connects data assets, user, and tool generated metadata.

  • Metadata APIs - for producing and consuming metadata built on schemas for User Interfaces and Integration of tools, systems, and services.

  • Ingestion framework - a pluggable framework for integrating tools and ingesting metadata to the metadata store. Ingestion framework already supports well know data warehouses - Google BigQuery, Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, and Apache Hive, and databases - MySQL, Postgres, Oracle, and MSSQL.

  • OpenMetadata User Interface - one single place for users to discover, and collaborate on all data.

Try our Sandbox

Visit our demo at

Install and run OpenMetadata

Get up and running in few mins

git clone
cd OpenMetadata/docker/metadata
docker-compose up -d

Then visit http://localhost:8585

For more details on running OpenMetadata on your local machine or in production, see our Install Doc.

Documentation and Support

Check out OpenMetadata documentation for a complete description of OpenMetadata’s features.

Join our Slack Community if you get stuck, want to chat, or are thinking of a new feature.

Or join the group at

We’re here to help - and make OpenMetadata even better!


We ❤️ all contributions, big and small!

Read Build Code and Run Tests for how to setup your local development environment. Get started with our Good first issues.

If you want to, you can reach out via Slack or email and we’ll set up a pair programming session to get you started.


OpenMetadata is released under Apache License, Version 2.0

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