October 20, 2020

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OpenMMLab's next-generation platform for general 3D object detection.

repo name open-mmlab/mmdetection3d
repo link https://github.com/open-mmlab/mmdetection3d
homepage https://mmdetection3d.readthedocs.io/en/latest/
language Python
size (curr.) 4223 kB
stars (curr.) 594
created 2020-07-08
license Apache License 2.0

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News: We released the codebase v0.6.1.

Documentation: https://mmdetection3d.readthedocs.io/


The master branch works with PyTorch 1.3 to 1.6.

MMDetection3D is an open source object detection toolbox based on PyTorch, towards the next-generation platform for general 3D detection. It is a part of the OpenMMLab project developed by MMLab.

demo image

Major features

  • Support multi-modality/single-modality detectors out of box

    It directly supports multi-modality/single-modality detectors including MVXNet, VoteNet, PointPillars, etc.

  • Support indoor/outdoor 3D detection out of box

    It directly supports popular indoor and outdoor 3D detection datasets, including ScanNet, SUNRGB-D, Waymo, nuScenes, Lyft, and KITTI. For nuScenes dataset, we also support nuImages dataset.

  • Natural integration with 2D detection

    All the about 40+ methods, 300+ models, and modules supported in MMDetection can be trained or used in this codebase.

  • High efficiency

    It trains faster than other codebases. The main results are as below. Details can be found in benchmark.md. We compare the number of samples trained per second (the higher, the better). The models that are not supported by other codebases are marked by ×.

    Methods MMDetection3D OpenPCDet votenet Det3D
    VoteNet 358 × 77 ×
    PointPillars-car 141 × × 140
    PointPillars-3class 107 44 × ×
    SECOND 40 30 × ×
    Part-A2 17 14 × ×

Like MMDetection and MMCV, MMDetection3D can also be used as a library to support different projects on top of it.


This project is released under the Apache 2.0 license.


v0.6.1 was released in 11/10/2020. Please refer to changelog.md for details and release history.

Benchmark and model zoo

Supported methods and backbones are shown in the below table. Results and models are available in the model zoo.

ResNet ResNeXt SENet PointNet++ HRNet RegNetX Res2Net

Other features

Note: All the about 300 models, methods of 40+ papers in 2D detection supported by MMDetection can be trained or used in this codebase.


Please refer to install.md for installation and dataset preparation.

Get Started

Please see getting_started.md for the basic usage of MMDetection3D. There are also tutorials for finetuning models, adding new dataset, designing data pipeline, adding new modules, and waymo dataset.


We appreciate all contributions to improve MMDetection3D. Please refer to CONTRIBUTING.md for the contributing guideline.


MMDetection3D is an open source project that is contributed by researchers and engineers from various colleges and companies. We appreciate all the contributors as well as users who give valuable feedbacks. We wish that the toolbox and benchmark could serve the growing research community by providing a flexible toolkit to reimplement existing methods and develop their own new 3D detectors.

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