May 14, 2019

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Powerful and efficient Computer Vision Annotation Tool (CVAT)

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Computer Vision Annotation Tool (CVAT)

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CVAT is free, online, interactive video and image annotation tool for computer vision. It is being used by our team to annotate million of objects with different properties. Many UI and UX decisions are based on feedbacks from professional data annotation team.

CVAT screenshot



Supported annotation formats

Format selection is possible after clicking on the Upload annotation / Dump annotation button. Datumaro dataset framework allows additional dataset transformations via its command line tool.

Annotation format Dumper Loader
CVAT XML v1.1 for images X X
CVAT XML v1.1 for a video X X
Pascal VOC X X
MS COCO Object Detection X X
PNG class mask + instance mask as in Pascal VOC X X
TFrecord X X
LabelMe X X

Online Demo

Onepanel has added CVAT as an environment into their platform and a running demo of CVAT can be accessed at CVAT Public Demo.

If you have any questions, please contact Onepanel directly at If you are in the Onepanel application, you can also use the chat icon in the bottom right corner.


Automatically generated Swagger documentation for Django REST API is available on <cvat_origin>/api/swagger (default: localhost:8080/api/swagger).


Code released under the MIT License.


CVAT usage related questions or unclear concepts can be posted in our Gitter chat for quick replies from contributors and other users.

However, if you have a feature request or a bug report that can reproduced, feel free to open an issue (with steps to reproduce the bug if it’s a bug report) on GitHub* issues.

If you are not sure or just want to browse other users common questions, Gitter chat is the way to go.

Other ways to ask questions and get our support:

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