March 22, 2020

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The main repository for the Open Ventilator Registry project.

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Open Ventilator Registry

The Open Ventilator Registry project is answering the call to provide a cloud-based national registry of ventilators and the hospitals that need them most in order to facilitate their distribution during the COVID19 pandemic. Even with a ramp up in ventilator production, there is still the significant problem of their efficient distribution.

The Open Ventilator Registry is calling on software engineers, UX designers, doctors, hospital staff and medical equipment manufacturers to help build a platform for hospitals to overcome the critical shortage of ventilators. We aim to create a nimble and decentralized supply chain and distribution network of these life saving devices.

We have registered the domain and will deploy the web application there when it is ready.

How to Help

Join our Slack channel to meet others interested in helping and learn about what’s currently being worked on. Look at the open issues, create your own if you have an idea, submit pull requests to the right projects.

Central Communication Channel

There is a central communication Slack workspace for this project.

Please reach out if you are looking to get involved!

Who and what we’re currently looking for

Domain Experts Product Managers Designers
We have a number of assumptions about hospital ventilator management and procurement. If you can provide guidance on operations from the hospital or supplier side, we’d love to have your guidance on this project. Reach out here! If you’re good at turning a story into product, can help bring some order to an open-ended volunteer program, and focus on priorities in a situation driven by urgency, we could use your skills. Experience in a fast-paced tech development world is preferred. Reach out here! If you have experience with modern digital product design and love working in fast paced environments, we’d love to have you on board! Reach out here!


There are two teams: UI and Backend. Each team has its own section within this organization. Each team can create repos and manage their projects.

Tech Stack

We’re open to whatever technologies will make us most effective.


Time is of the essence. Many projects get bogged down with disagreements over technologies, coding style, frameworks, and methodologies. We will not let any individual’s sense of perfection get in the way of what’s good enough to get the job done. We believe our work will help save lives, and we want to save as many as we can.

March 22nd, 2020 is day 1 of this project. According to some public officials, we will be in crisis in 10 days.


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