March 23, 2020

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How can we build as many Open Source Ventilators as possible. What Design best suits sourcing and functional needs. What do we need to develop ourselves that isn’t available in current solutions

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What do we need to learn, to source, in order to build many reliable, safe and cost effectice Open Source Ventilators as possible.

Some questions to consider: What available designs best suit functional and operator needs? Which parts of the available designs suit the current supply chain situation What parts can be swapped with alternative materials or parts? What is non-negotiable and ? What from the Firmware side do we need to develop ourselves that isn’t available in current solutions?

Research: From the lancet report above: From 710 patients with SARS-CoV-2 pneumonia, 52 critically ill adult patients were included… 37 (71%) patients required mechanical ventilation.


RWTH Uni Aachen - Nice interations on Mechanical designs:

Output from - Goal to make Open Souce DIY’able device https://diy-beatmungsgerä

MIT Emergency Ventilator Project:

Johns Hopkins simple ventilator specification:

3D Printing Valves for exsisting equipment (non universal solution):

Strupat design, could be amazing but no information:

CPAP Design rapidly designed and made going into prodcution from F1 Team Mercedes:

FabFactory Diving mask CPAP Design:

Oxford uni, Pressure driven Ambu bag design, love it:

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