October 16, 2019

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Plotly Express - simple syntax for complex charts

repo name plotly/plotly_express
repo link https://github.com/plotly/plotly_express
homepage https://plot.ly/python/plotly-express/
language Python
size (curr.) 14464 kB
stars (curr.) 584
created 2018-12-28
license MIT License

Plotly Express

Plotly Express is now part of Plotly.py version 4 and so the plotly_express module now just re-exports the contents of plotly.express


If you follow the plotly Getting Started instructions for installation, you will get access to plotly.express.

However, if you have existing code that imports from plotly_express explicitly and you don’t wish to change it, you can still install the latest version, which just exposes plotly.express under the plotly_express namespace.

Via pip

Just running pip install plotly_express==0.4.1 in your terminal should do it!

Via conda

You’ll have to install from the plotly channel with conda install -c plotly plotly_express==0.4.1

Getting Help

Please join our Community Forum or file a Github Issue if you’ve found a bug.

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