March 23, 2020

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OpenSource Ventilator for the COVID-19 crisis. We aim to provide a cheap and reliable solution for respiratory deseas and inaccesibility to this kind of ventilation medical equipment

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created 2020-03-20
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Welcome to the OpenVentilator project. This is an OpenSource Ventilator / Mechanical Respirator for the Covid-19 Crisis.

This initiative as well as OpenLung was born on the Open Source COVID19 Medical Supplies Facebook Group by the awareness on creating a Ventilator solution for the scarcity plaguing our society world wide. I contacted Jeremias Almada from Argentina who by that time had presented an Ambu solution and a Cad Design. The idea was interseting but needed improvments

Since than we tryied to stablish some development and community standards and changed several times the project


PROJECT STATUS: We still need validation with health regulatory institutions and compliance with clinical requirements.

PLEASE DO NOT USE ONLY TIRE-CHAMBER, ENCASE THE the ineer part of the TireChamber with a foodbag like ZIPLOCK or any material with compliance to contact with food.


Main Goal

Design, Build, Validate and Supply a reliable Ventilation Medical Equipment for people/regions/countries in dificult economical situations with a component and mechanical agnostic philosophy. (That’s is why we didn’t continued putting efforts on the projects being developed by other teams who have a different society and economical reality)

The equipment must have as few industrial parts as possible. If necessary, industrial parts must be easily accessible, even in small towns and villages.

The equipment should be built independent of the main motor or the ventilation tool (AmbuBag, Bellow etc) to increase modularity of the parts and resources

The equipment can be built with as few tools as possible, and even with the use of scrap to facilitate access to materials.

Thechnical features are still being decided, the ventilator has not being validated yet.

Technical & Medical Requirments (MVP)

Especification Spartan model Mark II
Volume Control mechanical native feature mechanical native feature
Ventilation Frecuency implementing 2 types electronic native feature
Inhale/Exhale proportion implementing 2 types electronic native feature
Inlet air Filtration Hepa(recomended) Mandatory HEPA
Inlet air humidifier Aspirator(recomended) Mandatory -Aspirator
Exahaust filtration Optional(recomended) Mandatory
Peep Pressure regulator House Pipe solution House pipe solution
Peep Preassure indicator Water Column indicator Digital UI or WaterColumn
Oxymeter Not available Aditional Hardware

Risk Control

  • PEEP Valve control between 1mm/h20 ~ 40mm/h20
  • Mechanical Volumetric Ventilation Adjustment
  • Contagion reduction by contaminated air
  • Brazil Sanitary Regulations

Success Criteria

Validated Prototype (Looking for partners for testing on Lung Simulators)

Current Status


  • Electronic Controller Status Testing
  • Mechanical Motor Status Implementing
  • Ventilator Status: Validation
  • Humidifier Status: Design
  • Filtering status Implementing
  • Peep Valve Status: Adopted - Thanks to ProjectOpenAir
  • Breathing tube Status: Testing

Software Hardware overview

Research we based on

For more information:

If do you want to help

First, ** CLICK HERE ** to complete the form please, so we can organize everybody

Then join the whatsappgroup and talk with amanda (+55 11 99735-5042 ):

Slack Channel for working in progress discussions…

Documentation, Hardware, Design and Code discussions This was depracated to avoid outsiders looking for profit Check the decissions ALREADY MADE

If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants.

Speciall thanks to:

All our families, wifes and husbands that for the last days have been supporting us on our crazyness.

All the doctors, nurses and paramedics on the field fighting this common enemy

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