April 30, 2021

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An OOB interaction gathering server and client library

repo name projectdiscovery/interactsh
repo link https://github.com/projectdiscovery/interactsh
homepage https://interact.projectdiscovery.io
language Go
size (curr.) 174 kB
stars (curr.) 304
created 2021-01-29
license MIT License

Interactsh is an Open-Source Solution for Out of band Data Extraction, A tool designed to detect bugs that cause external interactions, For example - Blind SQLi, Blind CMDi, SSRF, etc.


  • DNS/HTTP/SMTP Interaction support
  • CLI Client / Web Dashboard support
  • AES encryption with zero logging
  • Automatic ACME based Wildcard TLS w/ Auto Renewal
  • SELF Hosting version support

A hosted instance of the service with WEB UI is available at https://interact.projectdiscovery.io.

Note: As hosted version doesn’t store anything locally, restarting server for maintenance / unexpected server crash / updates will result into loss of previous data.

Installing Interactsh Client

Interactsh Client requires go1.15+ to install successfully. Run the following command to get the repo -

▶ GO111MODULE=on go get -v github.com/projectdiscovery/interactsh/cmd/interactsh-client


interactsh-client -h

This will display help for the tool. Here are all the switches it supports.

Flag Description Example
n Number of interactable URLs to generate (default 1) interactsh-client -n 2
persistent Enables persistent interactsh sessions interactsh-client persistent
poll-interval Number of seconds between each poll request (default 5) interactsh-client -poll-interval 1
url URL of the interactsh server (default “hxxps://interact.sh”) interactsh-client -url hxxps://example.com
json Show JSON output interactsh-client -json
o Store interaction logs to file interactsh-client -o logs.txt
v Show verbose interaction interactsh-client -v

Running Interactsh Client

This will generate single URL that can be used for interaction.

▶ interactsh-client

    _       __                       __       __  
   (_)___  / /____  _________ ______/ /______/ /_ 
  / / __ \/ __/ _ \/ ___/ __ '/ ___/ __/ ___/ __ \
 / / / / / /_/  __/ /  / /_/ / /__/ /_(__  ) / / /
/_/_/ /_/\__/\___/_/   \__,_/\___/\__/____/_/ /_/ v0.0.1


[INF] Listing 1 URL for OOB Testing
[INF] c23b2la0kl1krjcrdj10cndmnioyyyyyn.interact.sh

[c23b2la0kl1krjcrdj10cndmnioyyyyyn] Recieved DNS interaction (A) from at 2021-26-26 12:26
[c23b2la0kl1krjcrdj10cndmnioyyyyyn] Recieved DNS interaction (AAAA) from at 2021-26-26 12:26
[c23b2la0kl1krjcrdj10cndmnioyyyyyn] Recieved HTTP interaction from at 2021-26-26 12:26
[c23b2la0kl1krjcrdj10cndmnioyyyyyn] Recieved DNS interaction (MX) from at 2021-26-26 12:26
[c23b2la0kl1krjcrdj10cndmnioyyyyyn] Recieved DNS interaction (TXT) from at 2021-26-26 12:26
[c23b2la0kl1krjcrdj10cndmnioyyyyyn] Recieved SMTP interaction from at 2021-26-26 12:26

Sending Interaction to Discord,Slack,Telegram with Notify

▶ interactsh-client | notify


Setting up self-hosted instance

  1. Start with setting up Debian box, Debian is required as you need to setup your own Name servers.

  2. Navigate to https://dcc.godaddy.com/manage/{{domain}}/dns/hosts > Advanced Features > Host names, add ns1 and ns2 as hostnames with the IP of your server.

  3. Navigate to https://dns.godaddy.com/{{domain}}/nameservers > Enter my own nameservers (advanced) > Add ns1.{{domain}} and ns2.{{domain}} as name servers.

  4. Installing interactsh-server on your server.

GO111MODULE=on go get -v github.com/projectdiscovery/interactsh/cmd/interactsh-server
  1. Starting interactsh-server, to ensure server is always running in the background, make sure to start the server in the screen session.
interactsh-server -domain {{Domain}} -hostmaster admin@{{Domain}} -ip {{Server_IP}}
interactsh-server -domain example.com -hostmaster admin@example.com -ip XX.XX.XX.XX

Server setup should be completed with this, now client can be used to generate your own payloads.

  1. Installing interactsh-client for using interactsh service.
GO111MODULE=on go get -v github.com/projectdiscovery/interactsh/cmd/interactsh-client
  1. Running interactsh-client with self-hosted domain.
interactsh-client -url https://example.com


Interactsh is inspired from Burp Collaborator.


Interactsh is distributed under MIT License and made with 🖤 by the projectdiscovery team.

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