March 29, 2019

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A minimal & modern LaTeX template for your (bachelor’s | master’s | doctoral) thesis

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latex-mimosis: A minimal & modern template for your thesis

This repository contains a minimal & modern LaTeX template for dissertations and other university documents.

For the impatient or curious: this is what the template looks like. You may also want to take a look at my my Ph.D. dissertation, which uses a predecessor of this template.


Before going over the details of this template, why not look at how it looks in practice? The following documents have been typeset with this template (or a slightly modified variant of it):


This template aims to be…

  • clean: no LaTeX trickery
  • minimal: no unnecessary adjustments and decorations
  • modern: typographically pleasing

It is specifically suited for the European education system because it uses A4 paper size by default—this can be easily adjusted to fit your personal needs, though (see below).

The class is based on KOMA-script, so it should be flexible enough to suit virtually any purpose.

How to use

  • Clone this repository
  • Copy the file mimosis.cls into your document directory
  • Add \documentclass{mimosis} to your document preamble
  • Optionally copy the file Thesis.tex and the files in Sources as a starting point
  • Use latexmk to build the document using pdflatex
  • Write a nice thesis in LaTeX

How to customize

The template is based on the excellent KOMA-script class. You can thus change the appearance of many things quite easily. For example, if you want the thesis to use the letter paper format, just add


in the preamble of the document and recompile.


The repository comes with an example file called Thesis.tex. Please take a look at this file in order for more detailed instructions about how to use the class.

It is recommended to use latexmk to build your LaTeX documents. Your distribution might already have this command. If so, you can use


in the main directory of this repository in order to build the example file.

Required packages for the class

The template uses various LaTeX packages that you should install using your favourite LaTeX distribution. Some distributions already do this automatically when you compile the document for the first time. Others require manual updates. Please refer to the documentation of your LaTeX distribution for more details.

Here is a list of packages that you need (I am using the package name as specified on CTAN):

Required packages for the example document

Typesetting the example document requires an additional set of packages. Feel free to remove them, though—they are only used for showcasing how a real document might look like.

For pdfTeX users:

For LuaTeX or XeTeX users:

  • The Minion Pro font; please use your favourite search engine for this or change the line \setmainfont{Minion Pro} in the preamble to another font (or leave it out entirely)


The template uses the MIT license. Please see the file in the main directory of the repository for more details.


If you require additional features, find some bugs, or just have some generic inquiries, please just open an issue in this repository.


Here is a list of contributors:

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