October 30, 2018

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PyTorch tutorials.

repo name pytorch/tutorials
repo link https://github.com/pytorch/tutorials
homepage https://pytorch.org/tutorials/
language Jupyter Notebook
size (curr.) 637323 kB
stars (curr.) 3421
created 2016-09-30
license BSD 3-Clause “New” or “Revised” License

PyTorch Tutorials

All the tutorials are now presented as sphinx style documentation at:



We use sphinx-gallery’s notebook styled examples to create the tutorials. Syntax is very simple. In essence, you write a slightly well formatted python file and it shows up as documentation page.

Here’s how to create a new tutorial:

  1. Create a notebook styled python file. If you want it executed while inserted into documentation, save the file with suffix tutorial so that file name is your_tutorial.py.
  2. Put it in one of the beginner_source, intermediate_source, advanced_source based on the level.
  3. Include it in the right TOC tree at index.rst
  4. Create a thumbnail in the index file using a command like .. galleryitem:: beginner/your_tutorial.py. (This is a custom directive. See custom_directives.py for more info.)

In case you prefer to write your tutorial in jupyter, you can use this script to convert the notebook to python file. After conversion and addition to the project, please make sure the sections headings etc are in logical order.


  • Start with installing torch, torchvision, and your GPUs latest drivers. Install other requirements using pip install -r requirements.txt

If you want to use virtualenv, make your environment in a venv directory like: virtualenv ./venv, then source ./venv/bin/activate.

  • Then you can build using make docs. This will download the data, execute the tutorials and build the documentation to docs/ directory. This will take about 60-120 min for systems with GPUs. If you do not have a GPU installed on your system, then see next step.
  • You can skip the computationally intensive graph generation by running make html-noplot to build basic html documentation to _build/html. This way, you can quickly preview your tutorial.

If you get ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘pytorch_sphinx_theme’ make: *** [html-noplot] Error 2, from /tutorials/src/pytorch_sphinx_theme run python setup.py install.

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