December 11, 2019

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a hassle-free way to build srsLTE and srsUE

repo name razorheadfx/docker-srslte-usrp
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language Shell
size (curr.) 11 kB
stars (curr.) 13
created 2017-05-29
license MIT License

A USRP-friendly image for LTE experimentation

Pulls the srsLTE project srsLTE (> 2.0), the USRP drivers from the Ettus Research PPA and builds both eNodeB and UE binaries with the USRP as targeted SDR front-end.

Since this is a multistage build, you need at least Docker 17.05.

Build with:

docker build -t srs docker-srslte-usrp

Build args

  • UBUNTU_VERSION codename of the base Ubuntu (default xenial)
  • SRSLTE_REPO source repo of srsLTE (default
  • SRSLTE_CHECKOUT branch/tag/commit to check out (default master)


Run with:

This also mounts the conf directory to /conf for convenient config editing on the host. Get example configs from the srsenb and srsue folders of the source repo.

Run eNodeB directly (on the container):

bash -c "srsenb enb.conf & tail --follow --retry /tmp/enb.log"

Use uhd_find_device to check if the container sees the USRP.

If you want to run GUI applications within the container (also works via SSH):


  • figure out required capabilities (instead of --privileged)
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