February 1, 2020

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Minimal and clean examples of machine learning algorithms implementations

repo name rushter/MLAlgorithms
repo link https://github.com/rushter/MLAlgorithms
language Python
size (curr.) 11910 kB
stars (curr.) 7955
created 2016-10-05
license MIT License

Machine learning algorithms

A collection of minimal and clean implementations of machine learning algorithms.


This project is targeting people who want to learn internals of ml algorithms or implement them from scratch.
The code is much easier to follow than the optimized libraries and easier to play with.
All algorithms are implemented in Python, using numpy, scipy and autograd.



        git clone https://github.com/rushter/MLAlgorithms
        cd MLAlgorithms
        pip install scipy numpy
        python setup.py develop

How to run examples without installation

        cd MLAlgorithms
        python -m examples.linear_models

How to run examples within Docker

        cd MLAlgorithms
        docker build -t mlalgorithms .
        docker run --rm -it mlalgorithms bash
        python -m examples.linear_models


Your contributions are always welcome!
Feel free to improve existing code, documentation or implement new algorithm.
Please open an issue to propose your changes if they are big enough.

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