March 11, 2019

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Simple self-hosted node app for Disqus-like drop-in commenting on static websites

repo name schn4ck/schnack
repo link
language JavaScript
size (curr.) 1367 kB
stars (curr.) 1547
created 2017-10-04
license Other


Schnack is a simple Disqus-like drop-in commenting system written in JavaScript.

What the schnack?


  • Tiny! It takes only ~8 KB!!! to embed Schnack.
  • Open source and self-hosted.
  • Ad-free and Tracking-free. Schnack will not disturb your users.
  • It’s simpy to moderate, with a minimal and slick UI to allow/reject comments or trust/block users.
  • webpush protocol to notify the site owner about new comments awaiting for moderation.
  • Third party providers for authentication like Github, Twitter, Google and Facebook. Users are not required to register a new account on your system and you don’t need to manage a user management system.


This is the fastest way to setup schnack.


  • Node.js (>= v6)
  • npm (>= v5)

Clone or download schnack:

git clone

Go to the schnack directory:

cd schnack

Install dependencies:

npm install

Copy and edit the config file according to configuration section:

cp config.tpl.json config.json
vim config.json                 # or open with any editor of your choice

Run the server:

npm start

Embed in your HTML page:

<div class="comments-go-here"></div>
<script src=""

or initialize schnack programmatically:

<div class="comments-go-here"></div>

<script src=""></script>
    new Schnack({
        target: '.comments-go-here',
        slug: 'post-slug',
        host: ''

You will find further information on the schnack page.


Notify Providers:

  • pushover
  • webpush
  • slack
  • rss
  • sendmail

Who is behind Schnack?

Schnack is yet another happy collaboration between Webkid and Gregor Aisch.

Who is using Schnack?

Schnack will never track who is using it, so we don’t know! If you are a Schnack user, let us know and we’ll add your website here. So far Schnack is being used on:

This is not a new idea, so there are a few projects that are doing almost the same thing:

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