September 24, 2019

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TUI Client for Docker

repo name skanehira/docui
repo link
language Go
size (curr.) 67708 kB
stars (curr.) 1698
created 2018-09-08
license MIT License

docui - TUI Client for Docker Written in Go

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About docui


docui is a TUI Client for Docker. It’s can do the following:

  • image

    • search/pull/remove
    • save/import/load
    • inspect/filtering
  • container

    • create/remove
    • start/stop
    • export/commit
    • inspect/rename/filtering
    • exec cmd
  • volume

    • create/remove
    • inspect/filtering
  • network

    • remove
    • inspect/filtering

Supported OSes

  • Mac
  • Linux

Required Tools

  • Go Ver.1.11.4~
  • Docker Engine Ver.18.06.1~
  • Git


Environment variables

The following environment variables must be set.

export LC_CTYPE=en_US.UTF-8
export TERM=xterm-256color

From Source

If you have not installed go and set GOPATH/GOBIN, you must install and set env before installing docui.

This project uses Go Modules for dependencies introduced in Go 1.11.

Use go get or git clone:

$ go get -d
$ cd $GOPATH/src/
$ GO111MODULE=on go install
$ git clone
$ cd docui/
$ GO111MODULE=on go install

Make sure your PATH includes the $GOPATH/bin directory so your commands can be easily used:

export PATH=$PATH:$GOPATH/bin


$ brew tap skanehira/docui
$ brew install docui


docui is available on nixpkgs unstable channel:

$ nix-env -i docui


Use git pull:

$ git pull
$ GO111MODULE=on go install

Log file

Check wiki.

Use on Docker

$ docker run --rm -itv /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock skanehira/docui

Build Docker Image

$ make docker-build


panel operation key
all change panel Tab / Shift + Tab
all quit q
list panels next entry j /
list panels previous entry k /
list panels next page Ctrl / f
list panels previous page Ctrl / b
list panels scroll to top g
list panels scroll to bottom G
image list pull image p
image list search images f
image list remove image d
image list create container c
image list inspect image Enter
image list save image s
image list import image i
image list load image Ctrl + l
image list refresh image list Ctrl + r
image list filter image /
container list inspect container Enter
container list remove container d
container list start container u
container list stop container s
container list export container e
container list commit container c
container list rename container r
container list refresh container list Ctrl + r
container list filter image /
container list exec container cmd Ctrl + e
container logs show container logs Ctrl + l
volume list create volume c
volume list remove volume d
volume list inspect volume Enter
volume list refresh volume list Ctrl + r
volume list filter volume /
network list inspect network Enter
network list remove network d
network list filter network /
pull image pull image Enter
pull image close panel Esc
create container next input box Tab
create container previous input box Shift + Tab
detail cursor dwon j
detail cursor up k
detail next page Ctrl / f
detail previous page Ctrl / b
search images search image Enter
search images close panel Esc
search result next image j
search result previous image k
search result pull image Enter
search result close panel q
create volume close panel Esc
create volume next input box Tab
create volume previous input box Shift + Tab

How to use

For details of the input panel please refer to wiki


  • lazydocker A simple terminal UI for both docker and docker-compose, written in Go with the gocui library.
  • docker.vim Manage docker containers and images in Vim
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