January 6, 2019

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Online IDE powered by Visual Studio Code

repo name stackblitz/core
repo link https://github.com/stackblitz/core
homepage https://stackblitz.com
language HTML
size (curr.) 371 kB
stars (curr.) 7276
created 2017-06-15

StackBlitz - Your local env, now in the browser

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Welcome to the StackBlitz Github repo!

This repo serves as our primary way of keeping track of bugs & central location where we publish our internal packages. If you have any questions/ideas/feedback, feel free to open an issue or come chat with us on Discord!

Just learning about StackBlitz?

Take a look at our announcement post which covers our core functionality, feature set and motivations behind the project.

Curious how our technology works?

We recommend reading the writeup we did and exploring the code in this Github repo.

Learn more at stackblitz.com/docs

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