October 8, 2019

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Open-Source Distributed Reinforcement Learning Framework by Stanford Vision and Learning Lab

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Open-Source Distributed Reinforcement Learning Framework

Stanford Vision and Learning Lab

SURREAL is a fully integrated framework that runs state-of-the-art distributed reinforcement learning (RL) algorithms.

  • Scalability. RL algorithms are data hungry by nature. Even the simplest Atari games, like Breakout, typically requires up to a billion frames to learn a good solution. To accelerate training significantly, SURREAL parallelizes the environment simulation and learning. The system can easily scale to thousands of CPUs and hundreds of GPUs.

  • Flexibility. SURREAL unifies distributed on-policy and off-policy learning into a single algorithmic formulation. The key is to separate experience generation from learning. Parallel actors generate massive amount of experience data, while a single, centralized learner performs model updates. Each actor interacts with the environment independently, which allows them to diversify the exploration for hard long-horizon robotic tasks. They send the experiences to a centralized buffer, which can be instantiated as a FIFO queue for on-policy mode and replay memory for off-policy mode.

  • Reproducibility. RL algorithms are notoriously hard to reproduce [Henderson et al., 2017], due to multiple sources of variations like algorithm implementation details, library dependencies, and hardware types. We address this by providing an end-to-end integrated pipeline that replicates our full cluster hardware and software runtime setup.


Surreal algorithms can be deployed at various scales. It can run on a single laptop and solve easier locomotion tasks, or run on hundreds of machines to solve complex manipulation tasks.


  • Scalability of Surreal-PPO with up to 1024 actors on Surreal Robotics Suite.

  • Training curves of 16 actors on OpenAI Gym tasks for 3 hours, compared to other baselines.


Please cite our CORL paper if you use this repository in your publications:

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