March 1, 2020

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COVID-19 Korea Dataset & Comprehensive Medical Dataset & visualizer

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COVID-19 Korea Dataset with patient routes and visualizer


We are currently in the process of officially partnering up with the Korean CDC to bring more accurate and up-to-date data. And the most powerful tool to expedite the process is the sign of support from developers like you. So if you liked our work, please leave a :star: and share this with others. Your support makes our work meaningful. Thanks. - Isaac


Also checkout our Kaggle dataset.

1. COVID-19 Korea Dataset with Patient Routes

Dataset components:

  1. Patient routes (more coming!)
  2. Patient age / gender / diagnosed date

2. Epidemics & Medical Statistics

Dataset components:

  1. 22 major epidemics
  2. 16 vaccines
  3. 7 chronic diseases
  4. 5 major cancers
  5. Annual health screening results
  6. Medical facilities
  7. Population
  8. Depression & mental health
  9. Life satisfaction

3. Multi-variate & Time-scrollable Data Visualizer

Coming soon!

Key features:

  1. Displays infected patient route and regional patient count
  2. Visualizes changes in the number of patients and route with time
  3. Displays non-COVID-19 data as heatmap



  • Official partnership with the Korean CDC (in progress)
  • More patient routes from non-Seoul provinces
  • Daily-updates on COVID-19
  • Release visualizer
  • More features for the visualizer
  • More non-COVID-19 data

How to Give Feedback

  • Data request: Fill out this issue to request for specefic data, and we will try our best to gather them.
  • Errors in values: Fill out this issue if there are alarming errors in the existing data.

Special Thanks to:


Working with

DS4C (Data Science for COVID-19) Project

  1. To reprocess information provided by KCDC and local governments for easy data analysis
  2. To find meaningful patterns by applying various data mining or visualization techniques

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