October 11, 2019

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Translation management platform for teams

repo name traduora/traduora
repo link https://github.com/traduora/traduora
homepage https://traduora.com
language TypeScript
size (curr.) 4415 kB
stars (curr.) 1160
created 2019-03-05
license GNU Affero General Public License v3.0


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Traduora is a translation management platform for teams. Once you setup your project you can import and export your translations to various formats, work together with your team, instantly deliver translation updates over the air, and soon automatically translate your project via third-party integrations.

We want traduora to become the home for managing your translation workflow, that’s why we have made all of the core product open-source with the intention to grow a community and enable developers to build on top of it as a platform.

Traduora Product Screenshot


  • 5 minute setup with Docker, Kubernetes or from source
  • Find what you are looking for with instant search
  • Invite your team, everyone can work together on the same project
  • Automate your translation workflow via our REST API
  • Import and export to your favourite formats: JSON flat and nested, CSV, YAML flat and nested, Java Properties, XLIFF 1.2, Gettext (po), Strings, Android Resources (xml).

For more information check out traduora.com, or our docs at docs.traduora.com

Any missing feature you’d like to see? File an issue with the feature request to let us know.

Try it out

Traduora can be run just about anywhere, check out our quickstart for more info.

Also check out traduora’s Docker Hub page for pre-built images.


  • Your company/project.

Submit a pull-request to include your company/project into the list.

Configuration and Deployment

Please check out the configuration and deployment documents for more information on deploying traduora.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions come up over and over again. Be sure to check out our FAQ first!

Security Disclosure

Security is very important to us. If you discover any issue regarding security, please disclose the information responsibly by sending an email to traduora@gmail.com and not by creating a GitHub issue.


We think it’s great that you’d like to contribute to traduora. To get started take a look at our contribution guidelines for information about our process and where you can fit in!


Of course we’d like traduora to be available in as many languages as possible. We’re setting up a traduora server for translating traduora itself, check back soon for more details on how to contribute.


You can check our changelog for information about releases.



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