February 14, 2019

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Brook is a cross-platform(Linux/MacOS/Windows/Android/iOS) proxy/vpn software

repo name txthinking/brook
repo link https://github.com/txthinking/brook
language Go
size (curr.) 30757 kB
stars (curr.) 11140
created 2017-03-18
license GNU General Public License v3.0


Build Status Telegram Group Telegram Channel License: GPL v3 Wiki


  • 🔊 Please uninstall or delete the old GUI client first❗️
  • Add Brook WebSocket mode, with or without TLS. If with TLS, Brook will automatically request/issue certificate for your domain.
  • GUI Client supports QR scanning
  • GUI Client supports custom rules
  • macOS Client renamed to Brook.pkg (Because many users don’t know that needed to copy or drag from dmg)
  • Windows Client renamed to Brook.msi
  • develop branch is deleted, PR to master and keep master stable
  • Keep it simple, stupid

Table of Contents

What is Brook

Brook is a cross-platform proxy/vpn software. Brook’s goal is to keep it simple, stupid and not detectable.


Download Server/Client OS Arch Remark
brook Server & Client Linux amd64 CLI
brook_linux_386 Server & Client Linux 386 CLI
brook_linux_arm64 Server & Client Linux arm64 CLI
brook_linux_arm5 Server & Client Linux arm5 CLI
brook_linux_arm6 Server & Client Linux arm6 CLI
brook_linux_arm7 Server & Client Linux arm7 CLI
brook_linux_mips Server & Client Linux mips CLI
brook_linux_mipsle Server & Client Linux mipsle CLI
brook_linux_mips_softfloat Server & Client Linux mips_softfloat CLI
brook_linux_mipsle_softfloat Server & Client Linux mipsle_softfloat CLI
brook_linux_mips64 Server & Client Linux mips64 CLI
brook_linux_mips64le Server & Client Linux mips64le CLI
brook_linux_mips64_softfloat Server & Client Linux mips64_softfloat CLI
brook_linux_mips64le_softfloat Server & Client Linux mips64le_softfloat CLI
brook_linux_ppc64 Server & Client Linux ppc64 CLI
brook_linux_ppc64le Server & Client Linux ppc64le CLI
brook_darwin_amd64 Server & Client macOS amd64 CLI
brook_windows_amd64.exe Server & Client Windows amd64 CLI
brook_windows_386.exe Server & Client Windows 386 CLI
Brook.pkg Client macOS amd64 GUI
Brook.msi Client Windows amd64 GUI
App Store Client iOS - GUI
Brook.apk(No Google Play) Client Android - GUI

See wiki for more tutorials



sudo pacman -S brook


brew cask install brook


   Brook - A Cross-Platform Proxy/VPN Software

   brook [global options] command [command options] [arguments...]


   server        Run as server mode
   servers       Run as multiple servers mode
   client        Run as client mode
   wsserver      Run as websocket server mode
   wsclient      Run as websocket client mode
   tunnel        Run as tunnel mode on client-site
   tproxy        Run as tproxy mode on client-site, transparent proxy, only works on Linux
   vpn           Run as VPN mode on client-site
   ssserver      Run as shadowsocks server mode, fixed method is aes-256-cfb
   ssservers     Run as shadowsocks multiple servers mode, fixed method is aes-256-cfb
   ssclient      Run as shadowsocks client mode, fixed method is aes-256-cfb
   socks5        Run as raw socks5 server
   relay         Run as relay mode
   relays        Run as multiple relays mode
   link          Print brook link
   qr            Print brook server QR code
   socks5tohttp  Convert socks5 to http proxy
   systemproxy   Set system proxy with pac url, or remove, only works on macOS/Windows
   help, h       Shows a list of commands or help for one command

   --debug, -d               Enable debug (default: false)
   --listen value, -l value  Listen address for debug (default: ":6060")
   --help, -h                show help (default: false)
   --version, -v             print the version (default: false)



# Run as a brook server
$ brook server -l :9999 -p password
# Run as multiple brook servers
$ brook servers -l ":9999 password" -l ":8888 password"

If you run a public/shared server, do not forget this parameter –tcpDeadline


# Run as brook client, start a socks5 proxy socks5://
$ brook client -l -i -s server_address:port -p password
# Run as brook client, start a http(s) proxy http(s)://
$ brook client -l -i -s server_address:port -p password --http


# Run as a brook wsserver
$ brook wsserver -l :9999 -p password
# Run as a brook wsserver with domain
# Make sure your domain name has been successfully resolved, 80 and 443 are open, brook will automatically issue certificate for you
$ brook wsserver --domain txthinking.com -p password

If you run a public/shared server, do not forget this parameter –tcpDeadline


# Run as brook wsclient, connect brook wsserver
$ brook wsclient -l -i -s ws:// -p password
# Run as brook wsclient, connect brook wsserver with tls
$ brook wsclient -l -i -s wss://txthinking.com:443 -p password

GUI Client

See download


# Run as tunnel to
$ brook tunnel -l -t -s server_address:port -p password

Tproxy (usually used on Linux router box)

See wiki


# Run as VPN to proxy all TCP/UDP. [ROOT privileges required].
$ sudo brook vpn -l -s server_address:port -p password

# Must exit by Ctrl+C

See wiki for more tutorials


# Run as relay to
$ brook relay -l :5 -r


# Run as a raw socks5 server
$ brook socks5 -l :1080 -i

Socks5 to HTTP

# Convert socks5:// to http(s):// proxy
$ brook socks5tohttp -l -s


# Run as a shadowsocks server
$ brook ssserver -l :9999 -p password
# Run as multiple shadowsocks servers
$ brook ssservers -l ":9999 password" -l ":8888 password"

If you run a public/shared server, do not forget this parameter –tcpDeadline

# Run as shadowsocks client, start a socks5 proxy socks5://
$ brook ssclient -l -i -s server_address:port -p password
# Run as shadowsocks client, start a http(s) proxy http(s)://
$ brook ssclient -l -i -s server_address:port -p password --http

Fixed method is aes-256-cfb

See wiki for more tutorials


Please read CONTRIBUTING.md first


Licensed under The GPLv3 License

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