March 24, 2020

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A laser cuttable face shield for healthcare workers facing shortages

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A laser cuttable face shield for healthcare workers facing shortages

The design is two simple pieces and doesn’t use any additional materials (we have found shortages of elastic and tapes to be a problem). The top portion prevents splash over and was requested by our environmental health and safety office. The band is adjustable in size with four positions. It allows for wearing glasses, safety goggles, and masks. They are incredibly quick to make - 20 seconds or so per mask (laser cutter depending)

Version 3 incorporates feedback from hospital testing making the assembly far simpler and making everything more adjustable.

To assemble:

Video instructions:

Assembly Instructions


1: Bring the rectangular cutouts together.

Step 1

2: Thread the band through both rectangles. Repeat for other side. Recommended to keep the upper tabs to the outside of the shield.

Step 2

3: Put the shield on and slide the wavy part of the band through the rectangle to fasten the band. Adjust as necessary

Step 3

Material used is 0.005" PET. The design should accommodate other thicknesses of PET or even other materials. We also tested the design with 0.010" PET and 0.010" Cellulose Acetate.

We have tested the materials with hospital sanitizers (1 cup : 1 gallon bleach; CaviWipes). Both PET and Cellulose Acetate have held up through many rounds of sanitation without adverse effects.

The inspiration for this design came from:

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