November 5, 2021

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VMware Tanzu Community Edition is a full-featured, easy to manage Kubernetes platform for learners and users on your local workstation or your favorite cloud. Tanzu Community Edition enables the creation of application platforms: infrastructure, tooling, and services providing location to run applications and enable positive developer experiences.

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Tanzu Community Edition

CII Best Practices

Tanzu Community Edition is a fully-featured, easy to manage, Kubernetes platform for learners and users. It is a freely available, community supported, and open source distribution of VMware Tanzu. It can be installed and deployed in minutes to your local workstation or favorite infrastructure provider. Along with cluster management, powered by Cluster API, Tanzu Community Edition enables higher-level functionality via its robust package management built on top of Carvel’s kapp-controller, and opinionated, yet extensible, Carvel packages.


Getting Started


We recommend installing Tanzu Community Edition using a package manager. If that is not possible, manual steps are detailed last.

Mac/Linux via homebrew

brew install vmware-tanzu/tanzu/tanzu-community-edition

After install, homebrew will prompt you with a configure script, run it.

* To initialize all plugins required by TCE, an additional step is required.
* To complete the installation, please run the following shell script:

Windows via chocolatey

choco install tanzu-community-edition

Manual (Mac/Linux/Windows)

  1. Download the release tarball based on your operating system.
  2. Unpack the release tarball.
    • Unzip on Windows.
    • tar zxvf <release tarball> on Mac/Linux.
  3. Enter the directory of the unpacked release.
  4. Run the install script.
    • install.bat on Windows as Administrator.
    • on Mac/Linux


Packages provide higher-level functionality to build atop your Kubernetes-based platform. Packages included, by default, in Tanzu Community Edition are:

Name Description Documentation
Cert Manager Provides certificate management provisioning within the cluster Cert Manager package docs
Contour Provides ingress support to workloads Contour package docs
ExternalDNS Provides discoverability of services via public DNS ExternalDNS package docs
Harbor Provides cloud native container registry service Harbor package docs
Fluent-Bit Log processor and forwarder Fluent Bit package docs
Gatekeeper Provides policy enforcement within clusters Gatekeeper package docs
Grafana Metrics visualization and analytics Grafana package docs
Knative Serving Provides serving functionality to clusters knative serving package docs
Prometheus Time series database for metrics. Includes AlertManager Prometheus package docs
Velero Provides disaster recovery capabilities Velero package docs
Multus CNI Provides ability for attaching multiple network interfaces to pods in Kubernetes Multus CNI package docs
Whereabouts Provides A CNI IPAM plugin that assigns IP addresses cluster-wide Whereabouts package docs


If you are ready to jump in and test, add code, or help with documentation, follow the instructions on our Contribution Guidelines to get started and at all times, follow our Code of Conduct.

Before opening an issue or pull request, please search for any existing issues or existing pull requests. If an issue does not exist, please create one for your feedback! If one exists, please feel free to comment and add any additional context you may have!

Repository Layout

The following describes the key directories that make up this repository.

  • addons/: the source configuration of our packages and package repository available to be installed in TCE clusters
    • packages/: software packages installable in TCE clusters
    • repos/: bundles of packages that can be installed in TCE clusters making all packages within available
  • cli/: plugins that add TCE-specific functionality to the tanzu CLI
    • cmd/plugin/${PLUGIN_NAME}/: individual plugin project and go module
  • docs/: documentation and our hugo-based website
  • hack/: scripts used for development and build processes
  • test/: scripts, configuration, and code used for end-to-end testing


If you have any questions about Tanzu Community Edition, please join #tanzu-community-edition on Kubernetes slack.

Please submit bugs or enhancements requests in GitHub. More information about troubleshooting and our triage process is available here.

Information about our roadmap is available here.

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