March 27, 2020

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A curl-based command line tracker for Novel Coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic. It Supports terminal for linux and macos, command prompt for windows, and termux for android with real-time updates. curl -L

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created 2020-03-19
license MIT License

COVID-19 Tracker CLI Developed by Waren Gonzaga

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COVID-19 Tracker CLI is an open-source NodeJS application for command line interface to track COVID-19 cases around the world. An optimized NodeJS application and a simple tracker with real-time updates from reliable data source. Visit Wiki

Domain Names

# stable build

# dev build

# uh-oh we reserve domains bro, now report us again! Try harder!

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How it Works

It uses an API and collect the relevant information for your reference.

Data Source:


This simple application offers you the following features…

  • Real-Time udpates.
  • Optimized application.
  • Fast response time (~< 100ms).
  • Simple layout and easy to understand.
  • By country query.
    • e.g. (/country).
  • By country with History Chart
    • e.g. (/history/<country>/ or append with <cases or deaths>)
  • Windows CMD support.
    • e.g. (/cmd or /cmd/country).
  • Plain or Basic version.
    • e.g. (/plain or /plain/country) or (/basic, /basic/country).
  • Random health saying on footer.
  • Local command line version.
    • e.g. (covid <country>)

More features coming soon…

Basic Usage

Global Tracking

To track COVID-19 cases on CLI globally, all you need to do is to use CURL or WGET command.


curl -L


wget -i && cat index.html


# visit

Country Tracking

To track COVID-19 cases on CLI by country, all you need to do is to append the URL with the country name or country ISO 3166-1 code.

Country Name

# example usage
curl -L

Country ISO 3166-1 Code

# /ph or /phl is ISO 3166 code of the Philippines
curl -L

Country with History Chart

# shows result with history chart
curl -L
# shows by default a history chart
curl -L
# shows result with history chart
curl -L

Advance Usage

Check Update Automagically

# check update every 10 seconds (where -n 10 is the interval)
watch -n 10 "curl -L"

# for more advance setup (where -s is to suppress curl's progress bar)
watch -c -n 600 "curl -s -L<country>"

Create a Shortcut Command

# set a desired alias for the command (replace endcov with your desired alias)
# this will give you a global update
# alias <your alias>="curl"

alias endcov="curl"

# if you want to track a specific country
# alias <your alias>< coutry alias>="curl< name, ISO2, ISO3 here>"

alias endcovPH="curl"

Local Command Line Tracker

# clone the repo
git clone
# copy paste the command
cd covid19-tracker-cli && npm install && npm link
# run the local command line tracker. ex. covid <country/iso 3166 code>
covid ph

# if you want to see the result in plain view without ansi encoding
covid ph --plain

# run help for more info
covid help

Official Blog

Many people asking me how to properly use my tracker. Here’s the blog on How to Track Coronavirus on Command Line. If you have comments or suggestions please leave it on the comment section of the blog.


Here’s the screeshot of the tracker on CLI…


White Label / Personalize / Custom / Development

White Label / Personalize / Custom Build

We are still working on this part…


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# clone the repo
git clone
# go to the project folder
cd covid19-tracker-cli
# run npm
npm install
# start the program by default it runs on port 7070
npm run start

# curl to your local this is equivalent to
curl localhost:7070

# if you want to curl then append /ph to the local host
curl localhost:7070/ph
# run this if you want to develop the program without restarting the server manually,
# everytime you save the file it will restart the server automagically
npm run dev

Regional Trackers


Contributions are welcome, create a pull request to this repo and I will review your code. Please consider to submit your pull request to the dev branch. Thank you!


If you’re facing a problem in using COVID-19 Tracker CLI please let me know by creating an issue in this github repository. I’m happy to help you! Don’t forget to provide some screenshot or error logs of it!

To Do

  • Add Static Version
  • NPM package
  • By State (US)
  • By Region, City (PH)
  • Add HTTP Headers (currently F)
  • More Code Refactor! (I guess I know what I’m doing now… for sure)
  • More… (have suggestions? let me know!)


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Some cups of my coffees goes to the foundation via #OneAgainstCovid19 by PayMaya


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COVID-19 Tracker CLI is licensed under MIT -

Code of Conduct

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COVID-19 Tracker CLI is Developed and Maintained by Waren Gonzaga and Ian Vizarra

</> with <3 by Waren Gonzaga

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