December 20, 2018

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React Native starter kit with over 40 screens and modern Light and Dark theme for creating stunning cross-platform mobile applications.

repo name akveo/kittenTricks
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language TypeScript
size (curr.) 107069 kB
stars (curr.) 5798
created 2017-06-28
license MIT License

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This perfect starter kit is an app based on React Native and UI Kitten library with Light and Dark themes support. It’s completely free and Open Source. Compose the application from available screens, add backend integration and you will end up with A-grade cross-platform mobile application. The themes can be changed in the runtime, without any need of reloading the application.

Download a live Demo published on both App Store and Google Play or simply run it yourself by cloning a GitHub repo.

Kitten Material


Key features:

  • Built with TypeScript.
  • Dark and Light themes could be used simultaneously and changed on the fly.
  • 40 ready-to-use stunning screens – for any domain: e-commerce, social, fitness, etc.
  • Huge variety of customizable layouts, use “as is” or add new blocks from the UI Kit.
  • Integration with Eva Design System allows you to create mobile application staying in brand style and get clean, consistency design


This template is using UI Kitten components, here you can find documentation and other useful articles.

Mobile backend Bundles

Easy way to integrate UI Kitten with backend (Java, .NET Core).

How can I support the developers?

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  • Create pull requests, submit bugs, suggest new features or documentation updates :wrench:
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MIT license.

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