December 6, 2018

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Making CSS Typesafe

repo name typestyle/typestyle
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language TypeScript
size (curr.) 770 kB
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created 2016-10-13
license MIT License


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Making CSS type safe.

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Writing CSS with TypeStyle will be just as fluent as writing JavaScript with TypeScript.

There are quite a few css in js frameworks out there. This one is different:

  • Provides great TypeScript developer experience.
  • No custom AST transform or module loader support needed.
  • Works with any framework (react, angular2, cyclejs, whatever, doesn’t matter).
  • Zero config. Just use.
  • super small (~6k gz)

This project is powered by github 🌟s ^ go ahead and star it please.

Checkout the awesome list of reviews 🌹.



Use it like you would use CSS modules or CSS in general with webpack etc, but this time you get to use TypeScript / JavaScript!

Install npm install typestyle --save


/** Import */
import {style} from "typestyle";

/** convert a style object to a CSS class name */
const className = style({color: 'red'});

/** Use the class name in a framework of choice */
//  e.g. React
const MyButton =
    => <button className={className} onClick={onClick}>
// or Angular2
  selector: 'my-component',
  template: `<div class="${className}">Tada</div>`
export class MyComponent {}


We really really want to make CSS maintainable and simple. So we even wrote a free and open source book, covering the super simple core API, a handful of utility styles in csx and tons of other goodness 🌹. Jump to the guide

Video Course

The guide contains everything you need to know. But if you prefer to watch video we have a free course up on egghead.


You are probably here cause you are unhappy with your current workflow. So why not just jump to the guide and give it a go. If you still need reasons we have quite a few.

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