June 3, 2020

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A genetic algorithm toy project for drawing

repo name anopara/genetic-drawing
repo link https://github.com/anopara/genetic-drawing
language Python
size (curr.) 6620 kB
stars (curr.) 1347
created 2020-06-05
license MIT License

Genetic Drawing

This is a toy project I did around 2017 for imitating a drawing process given a target image (inspired by many examples of genetic drawing on the internet, and this was my take on it, mostly as an exercise).

Due to a popular request, it is now opensource 🙂

Examples of generated images:

It also supports user-created sampling masks, in case you’d like to specify regions where more brushstrokes are needed (for ex, to allocate more finer details)


you would need the following python 3 libraries:

  • opencv 3.4.1
  • numpy 1.16.2
  • matplotlib 3.0.3
  • and Jupyter Notebook

To start, open the GeneticDrawing.ipynb and run the example code

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