August 1, 2019

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AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio Code, an extension for working with AWS services including AWS Lambda.

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created 2018-07-20
license Apache License 2.0

AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio Code

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The AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio Code is an extension for working with AWS services such as AWS Lambda.

The Toolkit is available from the Visual Studio Marketplace.

This is an open source project because we want you to be involved. We love issues, feature requests, code reviews, pull requests or any positive contribution. See CONTRIBUTING for how to help.


  • The Quick Start Guide provides a summary of the Toolkit and the most common tasks.
  • The User Guide contains detailed instructions for getting up and running with the Toolkit.


We want your feedback!

Debugging from the Debug panel

CodeLenses appear above Serverless Application Lambda Functions, allowing you to locally debug the Function. If you would like more control over the debugging experience, the following links can help you set up debug configurations for your project.


The AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio Code is distributed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

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