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Awesome lists about 5G projects.

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Awesome 5G Awesome

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A curated list of awesome 5G frameworks, libraries, software and resources.

Consult awesome-telco for more general telco resources including EPS, UMTS, and GSM’s system or project.



  • pysim - A python tool to program SIMs.
  • sysmo-usim-tool - Tool to (re)configure the sysmoUSIM-SJS1 cards.


  • UE-IoT-non3GPP - Implement a UE for untrusted non3GPP access to 5GS.


  • gnbsim - gnbsim is a 5G SA gNB/UE simulator for testing 5GC system.
  • OAI-RAN - The project implements 4G LTE and 5G Radio Access Network. Both NodeB and User Equipment (UE) are implemented.
  • UERANSIM - 5G UE/RAN Simulator.

Core Network

  • 5GCore - 5G system writen in python.
  • free5GC - Open source 5G core network base on 3GPP R15.
  • Internship-5GCN - Implementation of RESTful Web Services between 5G Control Plane Nodes(AMF,NRF,SMF,UDM).
  • OAI-CN - This project implements 4G LTE Evolved Packet Core (EPC) and 5G Core Network.
  • open5gs - Open5GS is a C-language Open Source implementation of 5GC and EPC, i.e. the core network of NR/LTE network (Release-16).


  • 5G-EmPOWER - 5G-EmPOWER is a mobile network operating system designed for heterogeneous wireless/mobile networks.
  • DANM - TelCo grade network management in a Kubernetes cluster.
  • docker_open5gs with IMS - Docker files to run open5gs in a docker.
  • free5gc-k8s - Dockerized Free5gc and Kubernetes Manifests.
  • Freecli - An interactive CLI for free5gc.
  • free5gmano - This is a 5G MANO (Management and Network Orchestration) project developed that refer to 3GPP TS 28.531, TS 28.532 Release 15 (R15).
  • my5G-core - Currently, my5G-core is a fork of the free5GC project, with some extensions to facilitate the deployment.
  • Magma - Platform for building access networks and modular network services.
  • ONAP - Open Network Automation Platform.
  • Open Source MANO - OSM is delivering an open source Management and Orchestration (MANO) stack aligned with ETSI NFV Information Models.
  • x-k8s - ITRI’s Kubernetes platform for 5G Edge VNF.


  • UPF-EPC - 4G/5G Mobile core user plane.
  • upg-vpp - User Plane Gateway (UPG) based on VPP.
  • vpp - 5G User Plane Function (UPF) based on VPP.



  • OpenNESS - This repository includes the literature related to OpenNESS solution.

Network Slice


  • Open MTC - OpenMTC is a reference implementation of the oneM2M standard, for conducting applied research and developing innovative M2M and IoT applications.
  • YoMo - Build your own IoT & Edge Realtime Computing system easily, engaging 5G technology.


  • Kamailio - The Open Source SIP Server for large VoIP and real-time communication platforms.



  • dpdk_gtp_gateway - DPDK based GTPv1 gateway.
  • gtp5g - Linux kernel module 5G GTP-U.
  • gtplib - Erlang GTPv1/GTPv2 library.
  • go-gtp - GTP(GPRS Tunneling Protocol) implemented in pure Golang.



  • go-pfcp - PFCP(Packet Forwarding Control Protocol) implementation in Golang.
  • pfcplib - Erlang library for encoding and decoding Packet Forwarding Control Protocol (PFCP) frames.


  • go-diameter - Diameter stack and Base Protocol (RFC 6733) for the Go programming language.


  • 5G Trace Visualizer - Tools to generate call flows from pcap.
  • 5GC_APIs - RESTful APIs of main Network Functions in the 3GPP 5G Core Network.
  • 5GC build - Project to use OpenAPI generators to build code from 5GC_API.
  • 5g ldpc codes - 5g ldpc codes.
  • MCC_MNC - Providing accurate JSON and Python dicts about the many public information available about MNO.
  • New Radio 5G Physical layer utilities - This repository contains Physical layer utilities based on 3GPP specs for NR 5G.
  • - Look up 3GPP abbreviations.
  • speX - Accessible 3GPP specs (PDF, DOC, HTML). Site



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