November 15, 2020

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RESTful APIs of main Network Functions in the 3GPP 5G Core Network

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OpenAPI Specification Files for 3GPP 5G Core Network (Release 17)

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The files in this repository have been created by 3GPP, and the master source can be found in the 3GPP site, as part of the official 3GPP Technical Specifications.

© 2020, 3GPP Organizational Partners (ARIB, ATIS, CCSA, ETSI, TSDSI, TTA, TTC).
All rights reserved.

API version: September 2020 Release status: Open Other releases: Rel-16 (Frozen), Rel-15 (Frozen)


The links below will open the Swagger Editor (v3.6.23) and auto-load the OpenAPI YAML file of each Network Function (NF) API:

NRF (NF Repository Function)

LMF (Location Management Function)

AMF (Access and Mobility Management Function)

SMF (Session Management Function)

UDM (Unified Data Management)

UDR (Unified Data Repository)

UDSF (Unstructured Data Storage Function)

AUSF (Authentication Server Function)

NSSAAF (Network Slice Specific Authentication and Authorization Function)

NSSF (Network Slice Selection Function)

SMSF (SMS Function)

5G-EIR (5G Equipment Identity Register)

NEF (Network Exposure Function)

PCF (Policy Control Function)

BSF (Binding Support Function)

NWDAF (Network Data Analytics Function)

HSS (Home Subscriber Server)

SOR-AF (Steering of Roaming Application Function)

SP-AF (Over-The-Air Function)

AF (Application Function)

CHF (Charging Function)

Common Data Types


UCMF (UE Radio Capability Management Function)

GMLC (Gateway Mobile Location Center)

Northbound APIs

Common API Framework (CAPIF)

NEF (Network Exposure Function)

VAE (V2X Application Enabler)

SEAL (Service Enabler Architecture Layer)

SCEF (Service Capability Exposure Function)

NOTE: These APIs are not part of the 5G Core Network; these APIs are exposed by the 4G SCEF to the SCS/AS

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