December 6, 2018

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Simple, elegant content placeholder

repo name Chalarangelo/mocka
repo link
language CSS
size (curr.) 48 kB
stars (curr.) 1217
created 2017-05-24
license MIT License


Simple, elegant content placeholder


npm install mocka-placeholder


The mocka placeholder is a very simple content placeholder that you can use for your website or web application, while loading your page’s content. It weighs very little (about 500 bytes minified and gzipped), is fully customizable and you can easily include it in your project’s CSS file, by using the Sass mixin provided. Alternatively, you can copy its code and inline it in your HTML for even faster loading.


After loading the css, you can create a placeholder using the code provided below:

<div class="mocka-container">
  <span class="mocka-media"></span>
  <span class="mocka-heading"></span>
  <span class="mocka-text"></span>


Download the npm package, add the mixin to your project, then @import the file and @include the mixin, passing a single map as an argument. The map contains all the information needed to generate the classes from the mixin. You can find the map with the default values in the mocka.scss file.


Mocka is an open-source Sass/CSS component and is licensed under the MIT License.

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