January 10, 2019

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Electron Desktop GUI for Webpack Dashboard

repo name FormidableLabs/electron-webpack-dashboard
repo link https://github.com/FormidableLabs/electron-webpack-dashboard
homepage http://formidable.com/blog/2017/introducing-electron-webpack-dashboard/
language JavaScript
size (curr.) 2261 kB
stars (curr.) 2738
created 2017-08-16
license MIT License

Maintenance Status


Whats this all about?

The original webpack-dashboard, was fun and people seemed to like it. Unless they were on Windows, or used a weird terminal set up, or if they just wanted more.

Making things work across a variety of different terminal environments is pretty rough. Also, a web GUI provides some unique UI possibilities that weren’t there with the term display.

So here we are.

The original dashboard felt like working at NASA. 50 years ago. I hope this dashboard feels like working at NASA today. Or at Westworld. Or like the beginning of Westworld at least.

Getting Started


Download the version for your OS here:


If you are on macOS you can also install the app via Homebrew Cask:

$ brew update
$ brew cask install webpack-dashboard

Webpack 3 compatibility

To receive a complete analysis of your bundle, including modules, assets, and problems, you will need to make sure your project is using Webpack Dashboard Plugin 1.0 or higher.

Configuring Your Project

First, in your project, install the webpack-dashboard plugin:

npm install webpack-dashboard --save-dev

Next, in any Webpack config you want telemetry on, import the plugin:

const DashboardPlugin = require('webpack-dashboard/plugin');

Then add the plugin to your config’s plugins array, like so:

plugins: [
  // ... your other plugins
    new DashboardPlugin()


Simply hit save on a project running webpack-dev-server, or run your build task that builds with webpack and providing you have configured your project as shown above, you should see the dashboard start to display data.


The visualizations view was essentially recreated using code from https://github.com/chrisbateman/webpack-visualizer, and I am forever grateful that I didn’t have to figure this stuff out on my own.

Maintenance Status

Archived: This project is no longer maintained by Formidable. We are no longer responding to issues or pull requests unless they relate to security concerns. We encourage interested developers to fork this project and make it their own!

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