January 10, 2019

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A robust Javascript library for capturing keyboard input. It has no dependencies.

repo name jaywcjlove/hotkeys
repo link https://github.com/jaywcjlove/hotkeys
homepage https://git.io/hotkeys.js
language JavaScript
size (curr.) 11473 kB
stars (curr.) 4084
created 2015-05-18
license MIT License


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HotKeys.js is an input capture library with some very special features, it is easy to pick up and use, has a reasonable footprint (~3kb) (gzipped: 1.73kb), and has no dependencies. It should not interfere with any JavaScript libraries or frameworks. Official document demo preview. More examples.

╭┈┈╮          ╭┈┈╮  ╭┈┈╮
┆  ├┈┈..┈┈┈┈┈.┆  └┈╮┆  ├┈┈..┈┈┈┈┈..┈┈.┈┈..┈┈┈┈┈.
┆     ┆┆  □  ┆┆   ┈┤┆    < ┆  -__┘┆  ┆  ┆┆__ ┈┈┤
╰┈┈┴┈┈╯╰┈┈┈┈┈╯╰┈┈┈┈╯╰┈┈┴┈┈╯╰┈┈┈┈┈╯╰┈┈┈  ┆╰┈┈┈┈┈╯


You will need Node.js installed on your system.

$ npm install hotkeys-js --save
import hotkeys from 'hotkeys-js';

hotkeys('f5', function(event, handler){
  // Prevent the default refresh event under WINDOWS system
  alert('you pressed F5!') 

Or manually download and link hotkeys.js in your HTML, It can also be downloaded via UNPKG:

CDN: UNPKG | jsDelivr | Githack | Statically | bundle.run

<script src="https://unpkg.com/hotkeys-js/dist/hotkeys.min.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
hotkeys('ctrl+a,ctrl+b,r,f', function (event, handler){
  switch (handler.key) {
    case 'ctrl+a': alert('you pressed ctrl+a!');
    case 'ctrl+b': alert('you pressed ctrl+b!');
    case 'r': alert('you pressed r!');
    case 'f': alert('you pressed f!');
    default: alert(event);

Used in React

react-hotkeys is the React component that listen to keydown and keyup keyboard events, defining and dispatching keyboard shortcuts. Detailed use method please see its documentation react-hotkeys.

react-hotkeys-hook - React hook for using keyboard shortcuts in components. Make sure that you have at least version 16.8 of react and react-dom installed, or otherwise hooks won’t work for you.

Browser Support

Hotkeys.js has been tested and should work in.

Internet Explorer 6+

Supported Keys

HotKeys understands the following modifiers: , shift, option, , alt, ctrl, control, command, and .

The following special keys can be used for shortcuts: backspace, tab, clear, enter, return, esc, escape, space, up, down, left, right, home, end, pageup, pagedown, del, delete and f1 through f19.

Caps Lock(Capital)
fn Does not support fn
↩︎ return/Enter space

Defining Shortcuts

One global method is exposed, key which defines shortcuts when called directly.

hotkeys([keys:<String>], [option:[string|object|function]], [callback:<function>])
hotkeys('f5', function(event, handler) {
  // Prevent the default refresh event under WINDOWS system
  alert('you pressed F5!');

// Returning false stops the event and prevents default browser events
// Mac OS system defines `command + r` as a refresh shortcut
hotkeys('ctrl+r, command+r', function() {
  alert('stopped reload!');
  return false;

// Single key
hotkeys('a', function(event,handler){
  //event.srcElement: input 
  //event.target: input
  if(event.target === "input"){
      alert('you pressed a!')
  alert('you pressed a!') 

// Key Combination
hotkeys('ctrl+a,ctrl+b,r,f', function (event, handler){
  switch (handler.key) {
    case 'ctrl+a': alert('you pressed ctrl+a!');
    case 'ctrl+b': alert('you pressed ctrl+b!');
    case 'r': alert('you pressed r!');
    case 'f': alert('you pressed f!');
    default: alert(event);

hotkeys('ctrl+a+s', function() {
    alert('you pressed ctrl+a+s!');

// Using a scope
hotkeys('*','wcj', function(event){
  console.log('do something', event);


  • scope<String>
  • element<HTMLElement>
  • keyup<Boolean>
  • keydown<Boolean>
  • splitKey<string> (default is +)
hotkeys('o, enter', {
  scope: 'wcj',
  element: document.getElementById('wrapper'),
}, function(){ 
  console.log('do something else');

hotkeys('ctrl-+', { splitKey: '-' }, function(e) {
  console.log('you pressed ctrl and +');

hotkeys('+', { splitKey: '-' }, function(e){
  console.log('you pressed +');


Asterisk “*”

Modifier key judgments

hotkeys('*', function() {
  if (hotkeys.shift) {
    console.log('shift is pressed!');

  if (hotkeys.ctrl) {
    console.log('ctrl is pressed!');

  if (hotkeys.alt) {
    console.log('alt is pressed!');

  if (hotkeys.option) {
    console.log('option is pressed!');

  if (hotkeys.control) {
    console.log('control is pressed!');

  if (hotkeys.cmd) {
    console.log('cmd is pressed!');

  if (hotkeys.command) {
    console.log('command is pressed!');


Use the hotkeys.setScope method to set scope. There can only be one active scope besides ‘all’. By default ‘all’ is always active.

// Define shortcuts with a scope
hotkeys('ctrl+o, ctrl+alt+enter', 'issues', function(){
  console.log('do something');
hotkeys('o, enter', 'files', function(){ 
  console.log('do something else');

// Set the scope (only 'all' and 'issues' shortcuts will be honored)
hotkeys.setScope('issues'); // default scope is 'all'


Use the hotkeys.getScope method to get scope.



Use the hotkeys.deleteScope method to delete a scope. This will also remove all associated hotkeys with it.



Similar to defining shortcuts, they can be unbound using hotkeys.unbind.

// unbind 'a' handler

// Unbind a hotkeys only for a single scope
// If no scope is specified it defaults to the current scope (hotkeys.getScope())
hotkeys.unbind('o, enter', 'issues');
hotkeys.unbind('o, enter', 'files');

Unbind events through functions.

function example() {
  hotkeys('a', example);
  hotkeys.unbind('a', example);

  hotkeys('a', 'issues', example);
  hotkeys.unbind('a', 'issues', example);


For example, hotkeys.isPressed(77) is true if the M key is currently pressed.

hotkeys('a', function() {
  console.log(hotkeys.isPressed('a')); //=> true
  console.log(hotkeys.isPressed('A')); //=> true
  console.log(hotkeys.isPressed(65)); //=> true


key down and key up both perform callback events.

hotkeys('ctrl+a,alt+a+s', {keyup: true}, function(event, handler) {
  if (event.type === 'keydown') {
    console.log('keydown:', event.type, handler, handler.key);

  if (event.type === 'keyup') {
    console.log('keyup:', event.type, handler, handler.key);


Returns an array of key codes currently pressed.

hotkeys('command+ctrl+shift+a,f', function(){
  console.log(hotkeys.getPressedKeyCodes()); //=> [17, 65] or [70]


By default hotkeys are not enabled for INPUT SELECT TEXTAREA elements. Hotkeys.filter to return to the true shortcut keys set to play a role, false shortcut keys set up failure.

hotkeys.filter = function(event){
  return true;
//How to add the filter to edit labels. <div contentEditable="true"></div>
//"contentEditable" Older browsers that do not support drops
hotkeys.filter = function(event) {
  var tagName = (event.target || event.srcElement).tagName;
  return !(tagName.isContentEditable || tagName == 'INPUT' || tagName == 'SELECT' || tagName == 'TEXTAREA');

hotkeys.filter = function(event){
  var tagName = (event.target || event.srcElement).tagName;
  hotkeys.setScope(/^(INPUT|TEXTAREA|SELECT)$/.test(tagName) ? 'input' : 'other');
  return true;


Relinquish HotKeys’s control of the hotkeys variable.

var k = hotkeys.noConflict();
k('a', function() {
  console.log("do something")

// -->Uncaught TypeError: hotkeys is not a function(anonymous function) 
// @ VM2170:2InjectedScript._evaluateOn 
// @ VM2165:883InjectedScript._evaluateAndWrap 
// @ VM2165:816InjectedScript.evaluate @ VM2165:682


To develop, Install dependencies, Get the code:

$ git https://github.com/jaywcjlove/hotkeys.git
$ cd hotkeys     # Into the directory
$ npm install    # or  yarn install

To develop, run the self-reloading build:

$ npm run watch

Run Document Website Environment.

$ npm run doc:dev

To contribute, please fork Hotkeys.js, add your patch and tests for it (in the test/ folder) and submit a pull request.

$ npm run test
$ npm run test:watch # Development model


MIT © Kenny Wong

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