September 6, 2019

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Learn Python, Easy to learn, Awesome

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Learn Python, Easy to learn, Awesome

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Welcome to python-awesome. These notebooks are part of my Machine Learning curriculum that I am teaching in an University as part of their Graduate Program.

What are python notebooks?

Python code is not compiled, it is interpreted. Thanks of that feature you can execute python commands as you type them. If you have python installed on your machine you can actually take a look. Python notebook (also called IPython or Jupyter notebook) is a document with python interpreter “in it”. That means that you can write python code inside of text document and execute it! For more info and how to run it on your machine click here.

Run notebooks

If you want to run these notebooks but without installing jupyter on your machine you can use Google Colab. Just go in here

Author: Gautam Ramachandra Contact: gmail

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