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Lectures for INFO8006 - Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, ULige

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INFO8006 - Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Lectures for INFO8006 - Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, ULiège, Fall 2019.

  • Instructor: Gilles Louppe
  • Teaching assistants: Antoine Wehenkel, Samy Aittahar, Pascal Leroy and Florian Merchie
  • Contact: info8006@montefiore.ulg.ac.be
  • When: Fall 2019, Thursday 8:30 AM.
  • Classroom: 0.89 Domat / B31


Date Topic
September 19 Outline [PDF]Lecture 0: Introduction to artificial intelligence [PDF]Lecture 1: Intelligent agents [PDF]Tutorial: Introduction to Python
September 26 Lecture 2: Solving problems by searching [PDF]Exercises 1: Solving problems by searching [PDF] [Solutions]Project 1: Search algorithms
October 3 Q&A and guidance for project 1
October 10 Lecture 3: Constraint satisfaction problems [PDF]Exercises 2: Constraint satisfaction problems [PDF] [Solutions]
October 13 Project 1 deadline
October 17 Lecture 4: Games and adversarial search [PDF]Exercises 3: Games and adversarial search [PDF] [Solutions]Project 2: Adversarial search
October 24 Lecture 5: Representing uncertain knowledge [PDF]Exercises 4: Reasoning under uncertainty (part 1) [PDF] [Solutions]
October 31 (no class)
November 7 Lecture 6: Inference in Bayesian networks [PDF]Exercises 5: Reasoning under uncertainty (part 2) [PDF] [Solutions]
November 10 Project 2 deadline
November 14 Lecture 7: Reasoning over time (part 1) [PDF]Exercises 6: Reasoning over time (part 1) [PDF] [Solutions]Project 3 announcement
November 21 Lecture 7: Reasoning over time (part 2) [PDF]Lecture 8: Making decisions [PDF]Exercises 7: Reasoning over time (part 2) [PDF] [Solutions]
November 28 Lecture 9: Learning [PDF]Exercises 8: Making decisions (part 1) [PDF] [Solutions]
December 5 Lecture 9: Learning [PDF]Lecture 10: Communication [PDF]Exercises 9: Making decisions (part 2) [PDF] [Solutions] Exercises 10: Learning [PDF] [Solutions]
December 8 Project 3 deadline
December 12 Crash test exam
December 19 Lecture 11: Artificial general intelligence and beyond [PDF]Grading of the crash test exam
All lectures [PDF]


Pacman programming projects

Reading assignment

Your task is to read a major scientific paper in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

Paper: “Mastering the game of Go with deep neural networks and tree search” David Silver et al, 2016. [PDF]

The reading assignment includes the main text (pages 1-6), as well as the methods section (pages 7-9).

Short questions will be asked as part of the written exam. You do not have to produce any summary report.

Previous exams


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