July 23, 2019

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Google, Naver multiprocess image web crawler (Selenium)

repo name YoongiKim/AutoCrawler
repo link https://github.com/YoongiKim/AutoCrawler
language Python
size (curr.) 114385 kB
stars (curr.) 719
created 2018-11-21
license Apache License 2.0


Google, Naver multiprocess image crawler (High Quality & Speed & Customizable)

How to use

  1. Install Chrome

  2. pip install -r requirements.txt

  3. Write search keywords in keywords.txt

  4. Run “main.py”

  5. Files will be downloaded to ‘download’ directory.



python3 main.py [--skip true] [--threads 4] [--google true] [--naver true] [--full false] [--face false]
--skip true        Skips keyword if downloaded directory already exists. This is needed when re-downloading.

--threads 4        Number of threads to download.

--google true      Download from google.com (boolean)

--naver true       Download from naver.com (boolean)

--full false       Download full resolution image instead of thumbnails (slow)

--face false       Face search mode

Full Resolution Mode

You can download full resolution image of JPG, GIF, PNG files by specifying –full true

Data Imbalance Detection

Detects data imbalance based on number of files.

When crawling ends, the message show you what directory has under 50% of average files.

I recommend you to remove those directories and re-download.

Remote crawling through SSH on your server

sudo apt-get install xvfb <- This is virtual display

sudo apt-get install screen <- This will allow you to close SSH terminal while running.

screen -S s1

Xvfb :99 -ac & DISPLAY=:99 python3 main.py


You can make your own crawler by changing collect_links.py

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