June 13, 2019

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Flexible, extensible, and scalable video game matchmaking.

repo name googleforgames/open-match
repo link https://github.com/googleforgames/open-match
homepage http://open-match.dev
language Go
size (curr.) 57037 kB
stars (curr.) 1789
created 2018-08-16
license Apache License 2.0

Open Match

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Open Match is an open source game matchmaking framework that simplifies building a scalable and extensible Matchmaker. It is designed to give the game developer full control over how to make matches while removing the burden of dealing with the challenges of running a production service at scale.

Please visit Open Match website for user documentation, demo instructions etc.

Contributing to Open Match

Open Match is in active development and we would love your contribution! Please read the contributing guide for guidelines on contributing to Open Match.

The Open Match Development guide has detailed instructions on getting the source code, making changes, testing and submitting a pull request to Open Match.


This software is currently alpha, and subject to change.


Code of Conduct

Participation in this project comes under the Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct


Apache 2.0

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