April 29, 2021

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repo name INRIA/scikit-learn-mooc
repo link https://github.com/INRIA/scikit-learn-mooc
homepage https://inria.github.io/scikit-learn-mooc
language Jupyter Notebook
size (curr.) 254789 kB
stars (curr.) 274
created 2020-03-09
license Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International

scikit-learn course

NOTE: this repo is a work in progress. You can now register to the “Machine learning in Python with scikit-learn MOOC” which is based on this repo. You will be able to register now but the MOOC itself will start on May 18 2021.

The MOOC is hosted on the FUN-MOOC platform which is free and does not use the student data for any other purpose than improving the educational material.

The static version of the course can be browsed online: https://inria.github.io/scikit-learn-mooc

Course description

The course description can be found here: https://inria.github.io/scikit-learn-mooc/index.html

Follow the course online

A few different ways are available:

Running the notebooks locally

See instructions here



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