April 29, 2021

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Some awesome projects in python!

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πŸ‘£ Awesome python projects

🧐 A collection of super-cool Python projects for starters!! ✨

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It basically has some ideas of awesome python projects which you can implement on a day-to-day basic.πŸ‘©β€πŸ”Ž For example: it has a tic tac toe game using python. Some other projects namely Password manager, air quality detector and weather app are also implemented. You can add your own ideas and suggest some in the issues section.



  • Python
  • Python GUI
  • Tkinter Module


=> Fork this repository to start contributing.

=> Open your Git Bash command window and in the root directory type the following commands :

    1) git init -initializes the git repository from the GitHub.
    2) git clone -Clone the repository to your local machine
      (git clone https://github.com/<your-github-username>/garimasingh128/awesome-python-projects)

πŸ“Β  Learning Resources

Read these articles to get a quick grab on Python:

Resources to learn Git:

References for Sentiment analyser ML project :

References for pin your note :

References for Notification app :

References for Contact Book Application :

References for Typing Speed Test :

References for Secure your password:

References for Tic Tac Toe:

References for Password manager:

References for Weather application:

References for Air quality detector:

References for Iris Flower Detector:

References for Flight Fare Prediction:

References for Rock Paper Scissor:

References for Rolling Dice:

References for Quiz Application:

References for License Plate Detection :

References for Alarm Clock :

References for Simple Calculator

References for File Renaming Tool


Reference for Using Google API

References for Admission Prediction using ML

References for IPL score predictor

Refrences for Twitter Sentiment Analysis using ML

Reference for Credit Card Fraud Detection

References for alarm clock

πŸ’»Β  System Requirements

  • Git
  • Code Editor (Visual Studio Code, Sublime Text)

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Garima Singh Mrinal Kumar

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