December 7, 2019

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Jupyter notebook and datasets from the pandas Q&A video series

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Python pandas Q&A video series

Read about the series, and view all of the videos on one page: Easier data analysis in Python with pandas.

Jupyter Notebooks

Videos (playlist)

  1. What is pandas? (Introduction to the Q&A series) (6:24)
  2. How do I read a tabular data file into pandas? (8:54)
  3. How do I select a pandas Series from a DataFrame? (11:10)
  4. Why do some pandas commands end with parentheses (and others don’t)? (8:45)
  5. How do I rename columns in a pandas DataFrame? (9:36)
  6. How do I remove columns from a pandas DataFrame? (6:35)
  7. How do I sort a pandas DataFrame or a Series? (8:56)
  8. How do I filter rows of a pandas DataFrame by column value? (13:44)
  9. How do I apply multiple filter criteria to a pandas DataFrame? (9:51)
  10. Your pandas questions answered! (9:06)
  11. How do I use the “axis” parameter in pandas? (8:33)
  12. How do I use string methods in pandas? (6:16)
  13. How do I change the data type of a pandas Series? (7:28)
  14. When should I use a “groupby” in pandas? (8:24)
  15. How do I explore a pandas Series? (9:50)
  16. How do I handle missing values in pandas? (14:27)
  17. What do I need to know about the pandas index? (Part 1) (13:36)
  18. What do I need to know about the pandas index? (Part 2) (10:38)
  19. How do I select multiple rows and columns from a pandas DataFrame? (21:46)
  20. When should I use the “inplace” parameter in pandas? (10:18)
  21. How do I make my pandas DataFrame smaller and faster? (19:05)
  22. How do I use pandas with scikit-learn to create Kaggle submissions? (13:25)
  23. More of your pandas questions answered! (19:23)
  24. How do I create dummy variables in pandas? (13:13)
  25. How do I work with dates and times in pandas? (10:20)
  26. How do I find and remove duplicate rows in pandas? (9:47)
  27. How do I avoid a SettingWithCopyWarning in pandas? (13:29)
  28. How do I change display options in pandas? (14:55)
  29. How do I create a pandas DataFrame from another object? (14:25)
  30. How do I apply a function to a pandas Series or DataFrame? (17:57)
  31. Bonus: How do I use the MultiIndex in pandas? (25:00)
  32. Bonus: How do I merge DataFrames in pandas? (21:48)
  33. Bonus: 4 new time-saving tricks in pandas (14:50)
  34. Bonus: 5 new changes in pandas you need to know about (20:54)
  35. Bonus: My top 25 pandas tricks (27:37)
  36. Bonus: Data Science Best Practices with pandas (PyCon 2019) (1:44:16)
  37. Bonus: Your pandas questions answered! (webcast) (1:56:01)


Filename Description Raw File Original Source Other
chipotle.tsv Online orders from the Chipotle restaurant chain The Upshot Upshot article
drinks.csv Alcohol consumption by country FiveThirtyEight FiveThirtyEight article
imdb_1000.csv Top rated movies from IMDb IMDb Web scraping script
stocks.csv Small dataset of stock prices DataCamp
titanic_test.csv Testing set from Kaggle’s Titanic competition Kaggle Data dictionary
titanic_train.csv Training set from Kaggle’s Titanic competition Kaggle Data dictionary Movie ratings by MovieLens users GroupLens Data dictionary
u.item Movie information from MovieLens GroupLens Data dictionary
u.user Demographic information about MovieLens users GroupLens Data dictionary
ufo.csv Reports of UFO sightings from 1930-2000 National UFO Reporting Center Web scraping script
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