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Send your stdin to google sheets

repo name kren1/tosheets
repo link https://github.com/kren1/tosheets
language Python
size (curr.) 25 kB
stars (curr.) 516
created 2017-11-15
license MIT License

A simple command line utility that sends your stdin to sheets.

Available on pip by pip install tosheets (python3+ only)

NOTE: On first use, tosheets will open a browser window to authorize OAuth2 token.

Using tosheets

Pipe a local file to a new spreadsheet.

cat data.csv | tosheets -c A1 -d , --new-sheet="tosheetsSheet"

Pipe a local file to an existing spreadsheet: (Given a URL like https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/sample-spread-sheet-id-23sdf32543fs/edit#gid=0)

cat data.csv | tosheets -c B4 -d , --spreadsheet=sample-spread-sheet-id-23sdf32543fs

Send sequence from 1 to 10 to a column starting at B4:

seq 1 10 | tosheets -c B4 --spreadsheet=sample-spread-sheet-id-23sdf32543fs

Send a matrix:

1 2
3 4

To the same location:

echo -e '1 2\n3 4' | tosheets -c B4 --spreadsheet=sample-spread-sheet-id-23sdf32543fs

To sheets has a variety of other options listed:

tosheets, send stdin to your google sheets

  tosheets -c <cell> [-u] [-k] [-s <sheet>] [--spreadsheet=<spreadsheet>] [--new-sheet=<name>] [-d <delimiter>] [-q <quote char>]
  tosheets (-h | --help)
  tosheets --version

  -h --help                     Prints help.
  --version                     Show version.
  -i CSV                        Read this CSV instead of stdin
  -u                            Update CELL(s) instead of appending.
  -k                            Keep fields as they are (do not try to convert int or float).
  -c CELL                       Start appending to CELL.
  -s SHEET                      Use sheet name SHEET, otherwise tries to use
                                TOSHEETS_SHEET (default: first visible sheet).
  -d DELIMITER                  Use DELIMITER to split each line (default: whitespace).
  -q QUOTE_CHAR                 A one-character string used to quote fields containing special characters,
                                such as the delimiter or quotechar, or which contain new-line characters.
                                (default: '"').
  --spreadsheet=<spreadsheet>   Send to the spreadsheet identified by spreadshetId
                                (ie. docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/<spreadsheetId>/...),
                                if empty uses TOSHEETS_SPREADSHEET enviroment variable.
  --new-sheet=<name>            Create a new spreadsheet with the chosen name. Prints the
                                spreadsheetId so it can be piped/stored.
  --open                        Open a browser with the newly created sheet


python setup.py sdist bdist_wheel
twine upload dist/*
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