February 8, 2020

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[WORK IN PROGRESS] All course materials for ZTM ML on Udemy

repo name mrdbourke/zero-to-mastery-ml
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homepage https://dbourke.link/ZTMMLFeb2020
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created 2019-09-23

Zero to Mastery Machine Learning

Welcome! This repository contains all of the code, notebooks, images and other materials related to the Zero to Mastery Machine Learning Course on Udemy.

As the course is still being developed, it’s still a work in progress (plenty more to come!).

If you’d like to see anything in particular, please send me an email: daniel@mrdbourke.com or leave an issue.

What this course focuses on

  1. Create a framework for working through problems (6 step machine learning modelling framework)
  2. Find tools to fit the framework
  3. Targeted practice = use tools and framework steps to work on end-to-end machine learning modelling projects

How this course is structured

  • Section 1 - Getting your mind and computer ready for machine learning (concepts, computer setup)
  • Section 2 - Tools for machine learning and data science (pandas, NumPy, Matplotlib, Scikit-Learn)
  • Section 3 - End-to-end structured data projects (classification and regression)
  • (work in progress) Section 4 - Neural networks, deep learning and transfer learning with TensorFlow 2.0
  • (work in progress) Section 5 - Communicating and sharing your work
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